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What are the inbound Production Bins in NAV? These are the bins defined in the Warehouse setup with the following names:

– “Open Shop Floor Bin Code”. This is the one used with Backflushing when Flushing Method is set to Backward/Forward
– “Inbound Production Bin Code”. This is the standard bin for the consumptions and it is also used with flushing when this is set to “Pick+Backward” or “Pick+Forward”
From this perspective, should we have these type of bins set with the Pick flag enabled? Well, it mit might be on your customer but NAV availability calculation wouldn’t like it. Think about this:
– Inbound Production bins contain inventory required for Manufacturing
– This inventory should be respected and “soft reserved” for Manufactuing (not as the general reservations)
– Based on this, if there is a customer (ie. a sales order picking) which tries to take inventory from these bins, NAV provides an error to preserve the need from Manufacturing
This is reasonable, I believe. Do not take the inventory which is required by Manufacturing personnel. Now, what happens if there is an urgent customer order which requires to take inventory from this bin? In this case, it would be required to move inventory (Movement document in Warehouse) from the production bin to a pick bin.
Having this in mind, it is not adviced to have these inbound production bins with the Pick flag activated. This will disturb inventory availability calculations and it is not an intended workflow.

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