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This is an unexpected setting for NAV. Think about this …

– If this is the “Inbound Production Bin Code”, NAV understands that stock on these are not available since is pending to be consumed in Manufacturing
– If this is the “Outbound Production Bin Code”, NAV understands this is available since stock is whatever has been already produced and it is ready for any sales, transfer, other production stage …
So, depending on what production bin is, NAV determines this is available or not. And … what happens if we set both inbound and outbound production bins the same? Problems … yeap, problems. In one hand, NAV removes inventory from the stock availability when this is the inbound. Thus, it will not be available. For your curiosity, this is done on the CU7312 – SetOutboundFilter where NAV determines if the stock can be used or not.
As previous post here, if users need stock from the “Inbound …” (ie. stock which was placed to be consumed but due to a sales urgency needs to be picked), this stock need to be moved (Warehouse movement) to any other bin which is able to be picked from.
FYI “Open Shop Floor Bin Code” and “Adjustment Bin Code” have same treatment as the “Inbound Production Bin Code”. Thus, stock there is not available for a pick.

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