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When you are in your Role Center, you can use navigation buttons, forward and back, to help you navigate between pages.

The navigation buttons are at the top of your Role Center, in the left-hand corner. Next to them is the Address bar, which displays the location of the current page within the navigation hierarchy of the application. In the following illustration, you can see that the Back button is highlighted, and the address is the Home page of the Role Center.

In this illustration of a Sales Manager role center, you can select the Items list, and then select Sales Orders. You can use the Forward and Back buttons to go back and forth between the two lists.

1. In the navigation pane, select Items.

2. Next, in the navigation pane, select Sales Orders.

3. Click the Back button. Notice that the tooltip displays the text “Back to Items.”

4. Pause on the Forward button. Notice that the tooltip displays the text “Forward to Sales Orders.”

5. Click the drop-down button to the right of the Forward button to see your entire Travel history of recently visited pages.

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