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Consider the following scenario:

– You have successfully deployed Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Role Centers and Enterprise Portal on a server running SharePoint 2010

– Your AX 2009 Application build is as per the SharePoint 2010 compatibility hotfix KB2278963 (5.0.1500.3191) or you have Hotfix Rollup 6 deployed (5.0.1500.3761).  Check the AOT -> Classes -> SysHotfixManifest class to see if hotfix 2278963 is deployed

– One of the web parts used by the Role Center is the Business Overview web part (displaying KPIs)

– The Role Centers display fine without error using Internet Explore 6 and above, however you get the following pop-up Script Error when browsing the Role Centers in the AX 2009 Client, in this case from the business Overview web part:


(error in text):

An error has occured in the script on this page.
Line: 1074
Char: 1
Error: ‘businessOverviewWebParts.get_WebPart(…)’ is null or not an object
Code: 0
URL: http://<ep site path>/Enterprise%20Portal/RoleCenterCEO.aspx?WCMP=ceu&RUNONCLIENT=1



In some instances, for example if the AX Client is running using the Dutch Language option, you may get the following script error instead:

An error has occured in the script on this page
line: 2089
char: 103
error: Expected’;’
Code: 0
URL: http://://<ep site path>//Enterprise%20portal/RoleCenterCEO.aspx?WCMP=ceu&RUNONCLIENT=1


Clicking on the Yes button in the pop-up error will still allow you to view the Role Centers as normal.

This has also been reported as an issue that you will experience when using the Refresh 4 Demo Virtual PC’s


This issue has now been resolved in AX 2009 Application hotfix KB2483518 which contains updated webparts. Please contact Microsoft Support to request this fix.

NOTE: Once the hotfix is installed you need to run AXUPDATEPORTAL.EXE with relevant switches to update the Enterprise Portal Site with the new EP webparts. This application hotfix replaces the application fix bundled inside KB2278963, see further information section below.


Further information:

You  can induce a similar issue when browsing the Role Centers when using Internet Explorer 6.0 and above by enabling the Internet Explorer advanced option  “Display a notification about every script error”


The hotfix contains a file called kb2483518_syp_syp.txt file which cotains the following additional information:

Release details for KB2483518

The following application objects were modified as part of this fix:
 /web/web files/web parts/axwebparts_cab.xpo
 /web/web files/web parts/webwebpart_axwebparts_cab.xpo

The following application objects are included due to application dependencies:
 /classes/global.xpo, method: getallcompanies()
 /classes/sysepdeployment.xpo, method: classdeclaration()
 /classes/sysepdeployment.xpo, method: clrgenerateproxies()
 /classes/sysepdeployment.xpo, method: getsharepointtemplatepath()
 /classes/sysepdeployment.xpo, method: getsharepointtemplatepathdotnet()
 /classes/sysepdeployment.xpo, method: getsharepointtemplatepathwin32()
 /classes/sysepdeployment.xpo, method: ismossinstalled()
 /classes/sysepdeployment.xpo, method: issharepointversion12()
 /classes/sysepdeployment.xpo, method: new()
 /classes/sysepdeployment.xpo, method: validatelanguage()
 /classes/websession.xpo, method: renderscriptblock()
 /web/web files/static files/axsearcharea_ascx.xpo
 /web/web files/static files/axsearchresultswssv3.xpo
 /web/web files/web controls/hrmepabsencerequest.xpo

This hotfix includes the following encompassed fixes:


–author: Anup Shah
–editor: Anup Shah
–date: 04/Jan/2011

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