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You may experience odd behavior in different Microsoft Dynamics AX forms when there are major version mismatches between the client and AOS server builds.

Best Practices

·       Verify that all of your Microsoft Dynamics AX components are on the same build.  Doing so helps maintain stability of the system and prevents client / server calls that are not interpreted correctly between major version build differences.

Checking the AOS and .NET Business Connecter startup events in the application event logs on your servers can help ensure you do not have version mismatch problems.

Event Log Entries

Checking version information

Event ID 149. Object Server 01: Ready for operation.

Use this to verify the AOS build/version information from the kernel build section.

Event ID 172.

Use this to verify the .Net Business Connector build. This is helpful if you think the issue is related to components not being on the same build.


In addition, you may see the following warning in the application event logs of the AOS server

Object Server 01: Internal aocp revision mismatch. Axapta client from Machine01 ( tried to attach with 5.0.1500.3631 revision of kernel.

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