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As a follow up on previous blog post we looked a bit deeper into draft XBRL specifications for Germany and came across couple of additional interesting findings.

After importing the taxonomy you may get some lines with “Unexpected type: xxxxx”.

When the Description field says “Unexpected type: xxxxx” it just means that built-in support for interpreting the custom “xxxx” type does not exist, e.g. languageItemType. When new taxonomy is created, the creator is free to define their own types. When we created the current version of the XBRL in NAV we looked at the types that seemed to be normally used at that time. Now, different taxonomies also have other types defined, e.g. Booleans. Since everything is reported as text, unknown types can always be reported back as text, and the user can write e.g. ‘true’ or ‘false’ for Booleans. What needs to be done is, look up in the guide for the specific XBRL taxonomy to find how to report e.g. “Ursprungsspache des Dokuments”, probably user would write something like “German” or “Deutsch”.

For usability perspective, maybe we should not write “Unexpected….” but just show the field as type Description. Originally we thought that it would be helpful for the user to know the name of the expected type.

Also, Please have a look at following KB article prepared by our support team.

Ivan Koletic

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