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The recent code sample I published on Connecting to CRM Online 2011 Web Services using SOAP Requests Only was well received by many people however a few developers from Europe & Asia mentioned that they were getting (500) Internal Server Error when they were trying out the code. I then realized that CRM 2011 Web Service URLs had a different format in Europe & Asia which helped me to find the culprit.

I signed up for a CRMOnline European trial account and putting the SDK sample under Fiddler inspection revealed that it was a minor change within one of the XML fragments. That’s it, seriously!

<a:Address></a:Address>  to 

Obviously crm4 is used in our European datacenter and crm5 is used in our Asian datacenter so I had to modify the code to use the appropriate URN address.

// Create the URN address of the format 
// Replace crm with crm4 for Europe & crm5 for Asia.
string URNAddress = "";
if (CRMUrl.IndexOf("") != -1)
URNAddress = "";
if (CRMUrl.IndexOf("") != -1)
URNAddress = "";

You can download the updated code sample here:

All is well again!

Girish Raja

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