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Sometimes, you want to make sure that your personalizations and customizations are not changed by a user. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV R2, and builds of Microsoft Dynamics NAV SP1 31671 and higher, you can specify a new startup parameter setting that allows you to control this:

Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.exe -disablepersonalization.

You can do this from a command prompt and from shortcuts that you create for profiles. For more information about how to start the RoleTailored Client from a command prompt, see the following help topic: Starting the RoleTailored Client from a Command Prompt.

The DisablePersonalization startup parameter has the following effects on the user experience:

  • Customize commands , including Choose Columns, are not available from the Role Center or any pages.
  • Actions and Customize commands are not available from any FastTab or FactBox.
  • Save View As in the Filter submenu is removed.
  • Function keys associated with personalization are disabled.

A user’s personalizations are not applied when you start the RoleTailored client from the command line using the DisablePersonalization parameter.

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