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With introduction of RDLC reports, we’ve seen number of questions being raised recurringly around  specific reports’ features, or lack of them.

We’ve tried to collect the most recurring ones in one place and hope you might find this useful. if you have questions and/or answers you think should be added to this list, please share them with us.

The document and the post will be updated regularily as new questions pop up, so if you find this useful, make sure to check the blog from time to time for an udpated version.

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Questions and Answers

Q:  Why is my report header / footer blank? And why is it blank only in preview but not when I print, or visa versa?

A:  If Visibility property is conditionally set, the header / footer might not show or show differently in preview compared to print. Or it may even show differently in preview if you zoom in or out. For more details about rendering behaviour check this link:

Q:  Can I change the decimal formatting of the report?

A:  You can overwrite the formatting of each decimal field in the layout using the format property, or format the decimal like this: =replace(Replace(FormatNumber(Fields!MyNumber.Value),”,”,” “),”.”,”,”)


Q:  Can I send parameters to classic report run from RTC?
A:  NO. Once classic engine is invoked, there is no communication between the two, parameters can’t be passed to classic report.

Q:  Is there a limit to number of records printed by report?
A:  No. But if selecting to print many records, you may end up consuming all available client memory, and RTC may hang/crash. Alternatively, redesign or filter  the report, or increase the page file.


Q:  Is it possible to run a report modally from RTC?

A:  Yes, but only if the report has a layout defined. If the report runs as classic, then RUNMODAL does the same as RUN, i.e. RUNMODAL will not wait until the report is complete before running the next line(s) of C/AL code. Depending on the exact scenario, consider:
a)  Define layout for the report
b)  Split the process into two. So the user first runs the report, and then when the report is complete they launch the next process to do whatever needs to be done with the report.
c)  Add IF NOT CONFIRM(‘Please press Yes to continue when the report has finished.’);

Also refer to this post:


Q:  Does a classic report consume a license?

A:  No. If you look carefully under sessions (or run sp_who2) while a classic report is running from RTC, you can see that it logs in using “Application Name” = ‘111’. Such sessions do not count against licensed sessions.


Q:  How can I find a specific control / anything in my report layout?

A:  The layout has a feature called “Document Outline” which lists all controls, letting you find the control you are looking for in a list instead of trying to find it somewhere in the layout where it might be hidden in or under a table or some other control. Open the layout in Visual Studio from View -> Other Windows -> Document Outline.

Q:  I still cannot find a control in the layout. I’m certain that it is on the sections but I cannot see it in the dataset in the layout.

A:  To minimize the dataset, if two or more controls in sections have the same SourceExpression, only one of them will get included in the dataset.


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