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Today’s guest blogger is CRM MVP Jerry Weinstock who is the Business Development Manager at CRM Innovation. CRM Innovation builds Email, Marketing and Event Management solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

In March a fellow MVP – George Doubinski reached out to the CRM MVP Community to inquire about our interests in supporting a Microsoft Dynamics CRM TechNet Wiki. Julie Yack introduced the Wiki last month on this blog post.

Here is why I decided to become a contributor and why you should consider supporting it also:

1. The Wiki environment has the capability of becoming an excellent community resource for CRM knowledge. The ability for the content to be updated, extended and corrected is really powerful (not just commented on). It is easy for articles be living, current, and better based on group participation rather than a single view point.

2. I see a connection between CRM Team Blog and the Wiki where the blog posting can launch a topic but the Wiki can keep it alive.

3. There is a tremendous amount of tribal knowledge spread across the personal blog posting hinterlands. However, the CRM Wiki could be a ‘companion’ piece to CodePlex in the sense that it is more of a public resource than the individual postings by CRM practitioners. Kind of an open source article home.

4. There are no barriers to becoming a contributor that are known to me. Anyone that is interested in contributing can join in. Posting on the Wiki using the editor is easy.

I have put two articles out there so far and I have one in the works now that is designed to embody points 2 & 3 above. Stay Tuned. Neither of the articles had purely original content but they gave me a chance to promote the basic concept while inserting my perspective from the field.

The CRM Wiki is a work in progress. Content is a little thin right now but it is building. That just means that there are a lot of topics to post on and there is a lot of ‘low hanging fruit’ to work with if you want to become a contributor.

Jerry Weinstock

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