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While working for a partner some time ago (and on this project), I remember how hard it was trying to find local regulatory updates among ton of material available on PartnerSource and CustomerSource. With time, PartnerSource and CustomerSource search improved a lot, RSS was added which made it a bit easier, but this didn’t help much with catching up with local regulatory updates. We decided to simplify things a lot, by providing a single place per country and per Microsoft Dynamics NAV version to go to when looking for all/latest local regulatory updates.

If you visit a product downloads page (e.g. NAV 2009 SP1 product download page), for supported NAV versions on PartnerSource or CustomerSource, you’ll find that the Downloads section of the product download page now contains links to Local Regulatory Update pages. The Local Regulatory Updates pages contain a list of released Local Regulatory Updates.

When you click on the Local Regulatory Updates link (e.g. German NAV 2009 SP1) you’ll get a list of released Local Regulatory Updates for particular NAV country version.

NOTE: Where available these pages are also translated in local languages (e.g. German NAV 2009 SP1 page translated).

We’ll keep maintaining those pages every time we release Local Regulatory Update for local versions, so keep them in your Favorites and don’t be shy with those “likes”  on Local Regulatory Updates pages. Also let us know what you think about this.

Ivan Koletic

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