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The users in your organization don’t need to wait for the administrator to customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM in a way that might or might not benefit them. Point them to the article “Personal Customizations” (On-Premise, Online), which has details for how to personalize CRM. Users can change the personal options such as the following:

  • Create custom record list views
  • Create personal e-mail templates
  • A default start page and tab to help you get started faster.
  • How many records to show per page in any list of records. This is a performance optimization. A smaller set of records displays slightly faster.
  • Whether you want the Advanced Find view to open in Simple or Detailed mode by default.
  • Your time zone.
  • The default currency used for your data.
  • Workplace options to control which groups appear within the Workplace area.
  • Your default calendar view.
  • Your default work hours.
  • Whether you want to track your e-mail messages in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Carola Klass

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