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This is the first in a regular series of blog entries covering different areas of SCM functionality in NAV and is intended to make you aware of related issues, when applying solutions, as well as additional resources which are available.

In this entry, we will discuss a common query which is reported, concerning the use of multiple units of measure on Locations which are not fully managed, but where the Bin Mandatory flag=True.

When using a non-Directed Put-away and Pick Location which has Bin Mandatory=True, NAV does not currently support the use of multiple units of measure.

If the user wishes to use bins with multiple units of measure, they will need to use a fully managed Location, e.g. the WHITE Location, where Directed Put-away and Pick=True.

This issue can occur across a range of documents and results in unexpected pick and/or put-away suggestions from the system.


The scenario has been documented and the following KB articles on Partnersource, contain further information – KB 930994 documents the functionality and KB 895075 provides an example of an issue which incorrect set-up of the Location can cause:


KB 930994

KB 895075


The development team are currently looking into the possibility of adding support for multiple Units of Measure in a future release.

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