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The CRM connector integrates AX and CRM by using web services from both products.  When you set up the connector one of the first things you do is tell it where your CRM instance is.  Next you tell it where the AX web services are.  In both cases you enter your information and click the Test Settings button.  When testing the AX settings if you get an error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” verify that your web.config is using wsHttpBindings rather than the default BasicHttpBindings.  At one point you might have updated the web.config to use wsHttpBindings but the config file has likely been overwritten since you made those changes.   This is because the web.config is overwritten when you regenerate the web services in AX.  If you get this message while running maps you should also check your web.config to make sure you are using wsHttpBindings.

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