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If you know the primary key of an entity you can call the read operation on a web service.  The response document contains all of the fields for that entity.  The code below is an example of how to call the read operation.  I am using a custom service but the code would be very similar for whatever service you want to call the read operation on:


proxy = new Query4ServiceClient();

AxdQuery4 query3 = new AxdQuery4();

AxdEntity_LedgerJournalTable_1 trans = new AxdEntity_LedgerJournalTable_1 ();  


EntityKey[] entityKeyList = new EntityKey[1]; 

EntityKey key = new EntityKey();


KeyField[] keyFields = new KeyField[1];

 KeyField keyField = new KeyField();

keyField.Field = “JournalNum”;

keyField.Value = “000065_010”;

keyFields[0] = keyField;Query4ServiceReadResponse response =;

key.KeyData = keyFields;

entityKeyList[0] = key;

AxdEntity_LedgerJournalTable_1[] returnedTrans = response.Query4.LedgerJournalTable_1;

Query4ServiceReadRequest request = new Query4ServiceReadRequest(entityKeyList);

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