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In AX 2009 Enterprise Portal (EP) is compatible with 64 bit operating systems.  However, much of the deployment functionality built into the AX client for deploying EP does not work on 64 bit boxes.  On 64 bit boxes you need to use a utility that shipped with SP1 called AxUpdatePortal.exe.  The purpose of the tool is to deploy code from the AOT to IIS.  Here are some details on AxUpdatePortal:

The utility is installed on the IIS server on which EP is installed at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\50\Setup (by default).  You run it by opening a command prompt and moving to the folder location that contains the AxUpdatePortal executable.

The user running the AxUpdatePortal.exe needs to have the following permissions:

  1. Needs to be a Sharepoint Administrator  — You can check this by going on the EP server to Administrative Tools > Sharepoint Central Administration.  If you can get in you are an administrator.
  2. A site collection administrator for the EP site — Check this in Administrative Tools > Sharepoint Central Administration > Application Management > Site collection administrators.  Choose the EP site collection and make yourself the secondary site collection administrator if you are not the primary one.
  3. Run the command prompt that calls the AxUpdatePortal utility as an administrator — To do this go to your Start button in Windows and in Accessories find the Command Prompt application.  Right-click on it and choose Run as administrator.  Once the prompt is open path to the AxUpdatePortal install location by default it is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\50\Setup and run the AxUpdatePortal.exe
  4. AX administrator

 -For detailed information on the commands within the utility use the following article:

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