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This great blog post from Bardur Knudsen (Currency Exchange Rates from RSS) sounded to me like an invitation to extend it using .NET interop variables with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 based on System.XML namespace.

Attached to this blog you will find 3 objects in TXT format (1 table, 1 codeunit, 1 page).

Inside the codeunit there is a useful code that may be worth looking at.

This code has been written to perform the same action and achieve the same result BUT using 3 different approaches in order to understand how .NET interop works compared with Automation Server usage.

Those 3 different approaches are:

  1. Use System.XML dotNet variables running at Service side (property RunOnClient = No)
  2. Use System.XML dotNet variables running at Role Tailored Client side (Property RunOnClient = Yes)
  3. Use MSXMLDOM automation (as it was in the previous blog post) at Client side.



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