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Some of the new functionality that is created in the Dynamics AX development cycle brings about so much feedback from customers and partners that we decide to back port the features to previous versions of Dynamics AX products. The back ported features become available as part of hot fixes or service packs to previous versions of Dynamics AX.

Today, we would like to bring your attention to the great SCM features that were developed as part of the Dynamics AX 2012 release cycle and which are already included in Dynamics AX 2009 Service Pack 1 (Hotfix rollup 5 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Service Pack 1)

Close non-financial transfers

This feature significantly improves performance for the inventory closing and inventory recalculation processes. The essence of the feature is the fact that inventory transactions which represent the physical transfers are disregarded during cost calculation. For example, inventory transactions might indicate a physical item movement between different warehouses or warehouse locations. However, from a costing perspective, the movement does not contribute to the final item cost. 

With the new approach, the cost calculation process becomes significantly faster and more accurate. Please refer to the following white paper to learn more about the feature. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 White Paper: Close Non-Financial Transfers

Inventory Reconciliation and Reporting

The Inventory value report framework allows you to report and reconcile Inventory and WIP values on one report. The new report framework replace six individual reports and manual adjustments, which were required in previous versions of Dynamcs AX to achieve the same result.

Also, the Potential conflicts report can be used to report transactions that violate rules as defined by parameter settings in various modules. This report significantly reduces the time spent on identifying the causes of discrepancies between Inventory and General ledger values. Please refer to the following white paper to learn more about the feature. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 White Paper: Inventory Reconciliation and Reporting


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