Microsoft Dynamics 365 Blog spends a lot of time bashing Microsoft. Their CEO, Marc Benioff, can’t stop talking about us, whether in customer events or on their financial analyst calls. Their sales force tries desperately to spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) about Microsoft, giving slick “hit pieces” to prospects with a slanted perspective and dubious claims. All of this raises the question: why is so worried about Microsoft?

Well, it’s simple. It’s because Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the fastest-growing CRM products in the industry. It’s because we took just six years to get our first 1 million users, while it took more than nine years to get there. It’s because we have unique advantages over, like allowing our customers to run Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the public cloud (in our data centers), in our partners’ data centers, or in our customers’ data centers – all from a single, multi-tenant codebase that allows you to embrace the cloud on your terms. It’s because we just launched our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online service in 40 markets around the world, and in 41 languages. It’s because leading research firms like Gartner and Forrester have rated us as a leader in CRM suites, in sales automation, and in customer service and support. And it’s because we do all this while working with a wide range of products you already know and use today, including Microsoft Office, Outlook, and SharePoint. is expensive, with long-term contracts to lock you in and lots of extra charges as well. At Microsoft, we think about this business differently. We give you flexible contract terms, a broad technology solution for the public and private cloud, and a great experience for your end users … all at a much more affordable price.

So as you look for a CRM solution for the long term that aligns with your business strategy and your budget – don’t get forced, get what fits. At Microsoft, we’re investing for the future – your future.

Brad Wilson

General Manager
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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