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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 has got exciting new features that help you create custom charts in a few clicks while you are accessing your records. You then see the custom chart as you view your records.


The out of the box entity “phone call” allows us to create a custom chart. The default setting is to show a call duration in minutes. Let’s have look at the how can we create the chart by duration specifying by number of hours.

1. Go to customization è Customize the system

2. Go to Forms

3. Open main form

4. Add fields


5. Now we have a custom field called “new_durationinhours” and I have kept the display name as “Duration(In Hours)”.

6. Add that field on your form


7. You will notice we already have Duration field OOTB, where the schema name is “actualdurationinminutes”


8. Click on the field; select “Change Properties” in the ribbon. Select Event Tab

9. You will the below screen


10. In the form libraries, Click “Add”. You will see a lookup on web resources


11. In the bottom, Click “New”

12. Add the required information, as below


13. Save the record.

14. Add your Jscript code in the Text Editor

15. I have provided the source code below:


16. Save and publish the record

17. You will automatically be taken to Lookup Screen back, with the name entered for the library


18. Click Ok. You’re library is added to the form.

19. Now in the Event handlers, Click “Add”.


20. Once you click add, you will need to mention the function that you’re going to call.


21. Click OK

22. Save and publish the changes on the form.

23. Now go to Phone call form in customizations (Step 1 – 3)

24. Repeat the steps from (7 – 9)

25. You will see the script library

26. Go to Activities, select Phone call

27. You will Phone call activities listed

28. Create a chart and use that custom field as below in the screen shot.


With this simple walkthrough I hope I have not only shown you how easy it is to create a customized chart. I hope it will give you ideas for other kinds of customization that will make your implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM more powerful and useful.


Apurv Ghai

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