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I am pleased to let you know that the following Managed IT articles are now available via TechNet and MSDN.  As a result, these and future documents will now be available to our audience via MS Downloads, TechNet, and MSDN.  In addition, all white papers and technical articles developed by CRM UA are now consolidated in TechNet and MSDN under Technical Articles.

  • Developers – Content covering topics of specific interest to the Developer audience
  • IT and Administration – Content covering topics of specific interest to implementers and system administrators
  • Managed IT – Content covering topics of specific interest to system engineers and architects


These articles are designed to provide technical information of specific interest to Engineers and Architects planning and supporting Microsoft Dynamics CRM-based business solutions in Managed IT environments.

Special thanks go out to Inna Agranov and Amy Langlois for their assistance in helping me make this happen.


Jim Toland

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