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Hello CRM community. After seeing my blog, JaAG approached me with the idea that the Spanish-speaking community might translate some of the interesting blog posts around the world into Spanish. For example, we just translated another post from the CRM Team Blog into Spanish! Take a look at this:

Our mission is to turn elBlogdeDynamicsCRM into the #1 Spanish CRM blog on the Web. Our charter is to promote material that will be useful for beginners as well as advanced professionals, where many specialists share their knowledge to the community.

It´s all about a growing and committed team with this mission, contributing with content, translations, news, ideas, all about Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Current collaborators include Jeremias Warmington [Graphic designer, Spain], Santiago Gonnet, Nicolás Brandl [both Dynamics CRM developers from UruIT, Uruguay], Javier Ergas [Dynamics CRM Consultant from Vertis, Chile], Mauro Gioino [CRM Project Manager, Argentina] and Ramón Tébar [Dynamics CRM Specialist, London].

Founders of the idea are: Atilio Rosas [Dynamics CRM developer, Spain], Jimmy Larrauri [Microsoft MVP in Dynamics CRM, Peru] and Pablo Peralta [Microsoft MVP in Dynamics CRM, Uruguay].

We are talking with some other volunteers who are willing to generate and/or translate content. There is a lot of extremely valuable content about Dynamics CRM in English which needs to be translated and make it available in Spanish. Some examples of this are JScript IntelliSense [originally from CRM Team Blog] and ´Working with two surnames´ [originally from Leon Tribe, one of the top 10 influential MVPs from Australia] which are already translated.

So, if you would like to write new posts or just translate valuable content just write to We also need some help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) right now.

Here’s hoping you appreciate the initiative, the site, and if you speak Spanish, jump on board!

CRM MVP PP [twitter: @pabloperalta]

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