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New public case study on Magma Design Automation and an excellent audio recording, complete with compelling value metrics.  Here are some highlights:

  • Reduction in IT administrative workload: Two-thirds
  • Reduction in customer support calls:  50 percent
  • Reduction in internal support tickets:  80 percent
  • Savings in software licensing costs:  More than 70 percent
  • Savings in support costs:  $200,000
  • Expected increase in sales productivity:  50 percent

Here’s an excerpt:

imageMagma Design Automation reviewed several available customer relationship management offerings from leading providers. Says Flores, “We looked at Siebel and PeopleSoft Enterprise, both from Oracle; Microsoft Dynamics CRM; and other products. We immediately noticed that most of these software tools were very complex to administrate, with the exception of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You don’t need to have a lot of specialized training to be a successful, competent administrator of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.”

imageWhen Magma Design Automation took a closer look at Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Flores and her team found the reliability of the solution remarkable. “In my more than 20 years of IT experience, I have yet to find a system I cannot break,” states Flores. “We tried our best to break Microsoft Dynamics CRM before we made our purchase decision, because we thought it sounded too good to be true. When we couldn’t damage this solution, that’s when I became a true believer.”

Conducting a Smooth, Global Deployment

Already familiar with Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Hitachi Consulting through hardware projects, Magma Design Automation engaged with the partner to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With a Microsoft data center providing the hosting services, Hitachi facilitated the needed data migration from and deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, a hosted solution, for close to 600 employees. Flores comments, “The go-live event was smooth, without any issues whatsoever. We felt a hosted solution gave us optimal flexibility and great support on the Microsoft infrastructure. If we decide to bring Microsoft Dynamics CRM in-house, it will be easy to do so without customers even being aware of it.”

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Thanks to the Magma Design Automation account team and Hitachi Consulting for this great example of what can be accomplished with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Jamie Fiorda

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