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To add hyperlink to your AxGridView you need to use AxHyperLinkBoundField (msdn:

The most important properties are following:

DataSet: Data set (AOT \ Data Sets) from which data are loaded

DataSetView: Table from which data are loaded

DataField: Field name from which data are loaded

MenuItem: Url menu item (AOT \ Web \ Web Menu Items \ Url ) where we have set up url

Example (from Web Form EPSalesTableInfo)

Code Snippet
  1. <dynamics:AxGridView ID="gridEPSalesTableInfo1" runat="server" DataKeyNames="RecId,InventDim!inventDimId"
  2.             DataMember="SalesLine" DataSourceID="dsEPSalesTableInfo" AllowPaging="true" ShowFilter="false">
  3.             <Columns>
  4.                 <dynamics:AxHyperLinkBoundField DataSet="EPSalesTableInfo" DataSetView="SalesLine"
  5.                     DataField="ItemId" SortExpression="ItemId" MenuItem="EPInventTableInfo" />
  6.                 <dynamics:AxBoundFieldGroup DataSet="EPSalesTableInfo" DataSetView="SalesLine" FieldGroup="InventDim!InventoryDimensions" />
  7.             </Columns>
  8.         </dynamics:AxGridView>


–author: Czesława Langowska
–editor: Czesława Langowska
–date: 20/July/2011

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