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When applying application hotfixes or moving Enterprise Portal between Environments you may have problems with mismatched Enterprise Portal DLL files.

Normally Dynamics AX DLL files are deployed only with Kernel hoxfixes, but there are four DLL’s that are delivered as part of application
hotfixes when a new WebParts.Cab file is installed for Enterprise Portal related fixes.

The four files affected are the following:

  1. Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.portal.dll
  2. Microsoft.Dynamics.Compliance.InternalControlsManager.dll
  3. Microsoft.Dynamics.WebParts.dll
  4. Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.Portal.CommonControls.dll

If you have Enterprise Portal errors after applying a hotfix or when trying to run AXUpdatePortal you want to verify the version of the
files in the Windows\assemby folder to see if they match the files in the file in the AOT.

Checking the files in the in the AOT

Open the AOT and Navigate to Web | Web Files | Web Parts, Right-click AxWebParts_cab and select Open

Once the form opens choose Export and save the file to a location on the IIS server where Enterprise Portal is installed.   

Go to the location and open the Cab file and Extract the four files and check the version of the file properties

The version numbers on these file should match the versions of the same files in C:\windows\assembly.

 If the versions don’t match you can try manually registering the files by dragging them and dropping them in the
<%systemroot%>\assembly folder.


There is also a copy of the file that is stored in the SharePoint Solution Management, the cab file stored here can be
different from the one in the AOT and can be removed and replaced the correct one.


To locate the on an EP site open Central Administration | Operations | Solution Management under the
Global Configuration section

In Solution Management it will show the (if EP was ever installed), and whether or not it is deployed. If it is deployed it will show which site it is deployed to.  From this screen, you
can click on and get to another page, which will allow you to deploy the cab if it is in and error state or remove it if you suspect it is
not the correct version as what is in the AOT. 

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