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If you provide hosting services for your customer and license Microsoft Dynamics NAV using a Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA), by default your customer will not have their own customer source or a VOICE account. Depending on how your customer signed up for Dynamics Online payment services, a VOICE account may be required for them to use Dynamics Online beyond an initial 30-day trial period.  If this is the case, the customer will see the  following message in the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Portal when they click Service list:


Your services will be suspended within 30 days unless your support and service plan for Microsoft Dynamics is purchased.


To obtain VOICE access for the customer, contact and request that the customer account be VOICE-enabled. In the request, indicate that your customer is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV SPLA license customer using the Dynamics Online payment service and indicate that their payment service account requires VOICE-enabling to work with this service. VOICE-enabling is provided at no additional charge.

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