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Buttons in the POS layout are not all localized.

The text is displayed in English only

Here is a preview from the POS till layout



Modification needed to change the label of the ”fixed” image

Step by step example

  1. Go to the AOT/resources  and find  RBO_Image_110_png
  2. Open the resource file and press export

       3. Edit the files with example a picture editor


      4. Go to the Retail Headquarters/Setup/RetailPOS/Button Grid

      5. Choose Payments and press the designer button

      6. Mark the Currency and click on the Button properties

      7. Right click and go to main table on the PictureID (110)

      8. Press select and mark your changed picture file and ok

      9. The result is like this



         10. Go now to the Retail Scheduler and replicate the N-1090 Terminals job

         11. Log into POS

The result is that the button now changed.



Author: Kim

Editor: Kim

Date: 25. August 2011

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