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Throughout this month, we revealed some of the pain points we’ve heard about from their current and former customers, many of which have already switched to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As we shared these facts, we have regularly heard from Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers that continue to express how the familiar, intelligent and connected experiences delivered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM has helped their people be more productive and their business more successful.

One great customer example is ABC Financial, a 400-employee organization that provides billing and financial services to health and fitness clubs across the U.S. Doug Elkins is the CIO of this company, and he has the challenging job of selecting technology that helps his people to be more productive, helps his company to innovate and grow, and enables his company to get the most value from their IT investments.

Based on his experience as a veteran of large-scale CRM deployments across the private and public sectors, Doug decided to move ABC Financial’s CRM solution from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM to get more value for their IT dollars and to better maximize their existing IT investments in Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft SharePoint.

After the company deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, user adoption of the CRM system soared. It took just one afternoon of training to get people up and running, which Doug credits to the familiar look and feel of the product and its native Outlook interface. With features that include global search, real time reporting and easier to understand charts and graphs, Doug emphasized that, “Everyone at ABC Financial is excited about the new solution.”

One unique aspect of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution is the choice that it provides for deploying in the public cloud (via Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online) and in the private cloud (i.e., in a customer’s own data center environment). Having a single code base across both environments allows companies like ABC Financial to choose either deployment model knowing that they have the flexibility to switch if and when their needs or IT strategy changes. Having choice means that you can get what fits, and not get forced into a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Doug expects Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help ABC Financial grow. As he characterized it, “with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we can work with the tools versus on the tools and that allows us to focus on growth.” That’s exactly what we want to enable our customers to do.

A common challenge that companies face as they look at changing to a different CRM solution are the switching costs , typically around migrating data and customizations. To help customers reduce these costs and make the move, today we announced a new "Cloud CRM for Less" offer that extends a $150 rebate per user seat for up to 500 users for eligible customers switching from or Oracle and SAP products. To learn if your business can qualify for this new offer, visit to learn more.

If you haven’t done it already, I invite you to sign-up for a free 30-day trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online today. It’s a great way to experience the benefits that we can deliver to businesses like yours.


Brad Wilson

General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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