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CRMUG director Janet Lampert encourages us to come together with Microsoft Dynamics CRM users from across the country to hash out the latest CRM trends and learn firsthand how others are realizing success with Dynamics CRM. Bring your most pressing Dynamics CRM issues to the Summit, and be prepared to share your knowledge, enthusiasm and ideas. You’ll leave equipped with new Dynamics CRM tools, solutions and ideas that you can immediately put to work for your organization.

Network with CRM Users to Solve Your CRM Challenges

imageCRMUG Summit is designed with one thing in mind: to connect you, the Dynamics CRM User, with the right resources to address your specific CRM challenges, issues and priorities.  We create ample networking opportunities, both formal and informal, to make it easy for you to connect with other Users, partners, or Microsoft staff members who have the experiences and answers you need. Those opportunities include structured networking sessions, Microsoft Town Hall meetings, exclusive expo times, interactive discussions, Microsoft Conduits, role/industry/location-based roundtables, Ask the Experts sessions, meetings-on-the-fly, networking receptions and more. And, of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to keep the conversations and the fun going even after the day’s planned agenda is complete (after all, we will be in Vegas)!

Learn From the Experiences of Other CRM Users

We all know that Dynamics CRM is a great tool that can dramatically enhance the way you run your business and serve your constituents.  But it’s a complex tool with seemingly endless possibilities and every User has found a different way to utilize it.  Come explore what’s possible! CRMUG Summit gives you an opportunity to meet other CRM Users in a similar industry or with similar goals.  Bounce your ideas and challenges off them, and learn from their experiences to pick up some new best practices that you can implement in your own organization.  Someone, somewhere has solved an issue you’re grappling with right now – don’t reinvent the wheel.  Simplify your life by learning from the expertise of others. 

Hone Your CRM Skills at a Conference Designed ONLY for You

As the largest independent, user-led conference dedicated exclusively to Dynamics CRM, everyone that attends Summit has a vested interested in the product.  Everyone there lives and breathes CRM (well, they use it daily anyway).  And everyone there has an experience or area of expertise from which you can benefit.  It’s your opportunity to join in the discussion with the brightest minds and thought leaders in the CRM community to hash out current hot topics, see the newest product developments, and share new insights around solving your business challenges. CRMUG Summit is all CRM, all the time.

Get Dynamics CRM Answers Right from the Top

The Town Hall meeting is typically one of the most anticipated features of CRMUG Summit! It’s a rapid-fire Q&A type of session where key Microsoft Dynamics CRM executives –typically in Research and Development, Support, Service and Marketing roles – address your burning CRM questions or concerns.  Bring your CRM product or strategy questions and participate in this candid, open and honest discussion with Dynamics CRM leaders and influencers. 

Learn to Better Utilize CRM in Your Role

Within your organization, you and your teammates likely utilize Dynamics CRM just a little bit differently, depending on which role you occupy.  While you have common goals and organization-wide processes, you focus on different functional areas, likely have different key performance indicators and use different features of CRM on a daily basis.  Summit 2011 is set up the same way – we’ve got sessions and learning tracks for all the different roles and experience levels within your organization.  Whether you’re a CRM rookie or seasoned professional in sales, marketing, customer service, IT support or development, you’ll find other Users like yourself and dedicated learning opportunities just for you.

Realize a Strong Return on Your Summit 2011 Investment

imageCRMUG Summit 2011 could be one of the greatest investments you make to enhance your personal productivity and help improve your organization’s overall return from Dynamics CRM.  It gives you 3+ days to interact, discuss, share experiences, troubleshoot, find solutions, talk to Microsoft, shop new products, and make valuable connections – all for the price of about a day and a half of an independent consultant’s time! Summit will likely pay for itself through the answers, solutions and best practice tips you’ll pick up at the conference.

Looking forward to meeting you at the Summit,

Janet Lampert, CRMUG Director

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