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With Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 we introduced the new Batch Framework with a lot of advantages compared to the Batch functionality of the former AX versions.
But there was also one disatvantage: It was not possible to print reports or generate PDF files in batch processing if the reports contained images.

This issue has now been addressed in a Hotfix and it’s possible to generate reports with images on the batch server.
The Hotfix is available here: KB2604303 

This hoftix is a follow-up Hotfix which solves an issue introduced with the original Hotfix for this issue KB2584721.
Please be aware that this is a hybrid hotfix which means that there have been made changes to the kernel AND the application. You must install the kernel part AND the Application part of this hotfix to make it working correctly.

Affected objects


–author: Daniel Durrer
–editor: Daniel Durrer
–date: 21/Oct/2011

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