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Updated and new content for Microsoft Dynamics AX was posted to TechNet and MSDN on September 21st.

Because we are still working on filling out the documentation set we are publishing large numbers of topics. Therefore, this is the longest blog post I’ve ever written (or tried to encourage others to read).

The following table should give you an idea of the scope of the post. Because of the length of the post, the table also contains internal hyperlinks to take you to groups of topics.


Approximate number of topics published

System Administrator Topics


Application User Topics


Developer Topics


Topics Published on both MSDN and TechNet
(Models, Reporting, and Services)


Report Catalog topics


License and Configuration Key Reference


White papers


Note that for brand new sections like the License and Configuration Keys Reference, we provide a link to the top-level topic. For existing sections that contain new or updated topics, we link you to specific topics.

Also, topics are listed either in the order that they appear in the Table of Contents, or in alphabetical order.

As always, if you are curious about our general content strategy, where you can find our content, and how to give us feedback, see the post on Inside Dynamics AX: Official Dynamics AX 2012 Content.

System Administrator Topics

Administration. The following topics have been added to TechNet.

Deployment. The following topics have been added to TechNet.

Upgrade. The following topics are now available on TechNet:

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Application User Topics

The following topics in the application user help on TechNet have been updated or added:  

Configuring product-wide features

Accounts payable

Accounts receivable

General ledger

Cost accounting

Fixed assets

Cash and bank management

Procurement and sourcing

Human resources

Sales and marketing

Compliance and internal controls

Project management and accounting

Inventory and warehouse management

Product information management

Master planning

Production control

Service management

Public Sector. The following topics have been published on TechNet.

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Developer Topics

The following topics have recently been published or updated on MSDN.

Microsoft Dynamics AX IDE

Application Object Tree (AOT)

MorphX Development Projects

MorphX Development Tools

Application Object Server (AOS)



Integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX

X++ Language Programming Guide

AOT Properties

Help System Development

Enterprise Portal

Version Control System

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Topics on Both TechNet and MSDN

The following topics have been added or updated on both TechNet and MSDN.


Working with Models in AOT

Deploying Customizations and Solutions by using Models and the Model Store


The following section has been added to both TechNet and MSDN.

Install multiple instances of Reporting Services on the same computer (for use with Microsoft Dynamics AX)

Additionally, the following topics have been added or updated on both TechNet and MSDN.

Using Report Layout and Style Templates

Adding Interactive Features to Reports

Localizing Reports

Managing Reporting Services Reports using X++


The section “Services and Application Integration Framework (AIF)” is now available on both MSDN and Technet.

Note that all topics that were formerly available on MSDN only now appear under “Services and AIF development.” The high-level table of contents is shown below.

Services and Application Integration Framework (AIF)

Updated and new topics about Services and AIF include:

Services and AIF architecture and planning

Services and AIF operations

Services and AIF security and protection

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Report Catalog

The following report topics are now available:

Accounts payable reports

Accounts receivable reports

Cash and bank management reports

Compliance and internal controls reports

Fixed assets reports

General ledger reports

Inventory and warehouse management reports

Organization administration reports

Procurement and sourcing reports

Project management and accounting reports

Public sector reports

Sales and marketing reports

System administration reports

Travel and expense reports

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License and Configuration Key Reference

The topics in this new resource provide descriptions of the Microsoft Dynamics AX license codes and their associated configuration keys: License Code and Configuration Key Reference.

The following licensing-related white papers have been published on CustomerSource and PartnerSource:

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White Papers

New white papers include:

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