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Sometimes we need to post stock adjustments (negative adjustment, phys. inventory journal, …). We need to correct the stock in NAV to make it consistent with physical stock. But, how does this affect the reservations that might already exist?

If we have stock and we have reservations against that stock, this won’t be impacted by any future stock adjustment. The reason is because NAV wouldn’t know what is the reservation to cancel. Thus, user (business mind :-)) should know this and should manually adjust the reservations to make both stock and reservations consistent.

NAV current logic does not provide any warning when stock adjustment impacts reservations. However, future change might consider if the stock after adjustment is consistent with existing reservation. If not, a warning will be raised so user is aware and can react accordingly.

The scenario here is:

  • Stock of 10
  • Sales order with reservation of 10
  • Warehouse item journal for a quantity of -7 (we need to scrap 7 pieces from stock)

NOTE: At this stage, sales order will still be reserved against same 10 pieces when stock is not available

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