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Working on my warehousing presentation for Directions in Orlando next week, I am finalizing a new configuration for the SHIPPING AND RECEIVING – WMS profile – code name Sammy.

This blog post is a continuation of the post back in May this year: Finalizing the Role Tailoring of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

I mainly took all the lists and card pages from the navigation pane and made them more suitable for a warehouse responsible.

This means that “Create a New Sales Order” or “Use the Item Journal” and similar non-warehouse actions are removed from the action panes, while the ability to navigate to warehouse document or to create them is added. Furthermore, all warehouse documents are now focused on WMS scenarios, meaning that our original concern to present e.g. the pick document both for inventory and for warehouse is discarded so that we focus 100% on the WMS usage.

Some of the standard groupings of the Action Pane are also modified. The “Open in another window” command is now promoted on reference list places, and “Previous” and “Next” are highlighted on cards.

Example from the Purchase Order List page:

And from the Purchase Order page:

Or from the Whse. Shipment List page

And the Whse. Shipment page:

For all scenarios to demonstrate, I have also updated the various missing actions pane buttons, and all the column layouts have been polished (with freeze panes and warehouse flow-centric fields).

The following pages have been subject to configuration:

Warehouse Activity Lines (5785)

Warehouse Shipment List (7339)

Warehouse Shipment (7335)

Purchase Order List (9307)

Purchase Order (50)

Transfer List (5742)

Transfer Order (5740)

Warehouse Receipts (7332)

Warehouse Receipt (5768)

Filters to Get Source Docs. (5784)

Posted Whse. Receipt List (7333)

Posted Whse. Shipment List (7340)

Cross-Dock Opportunities (5783)

Reservation (498)

Warehouse Put-away (5770)

Movement Worksheet (7351)

Posted Whse. Receipt (7330)

Warehouse Movement (7315)

Sales Order (42)

Warehouse Pick (5779)

Warehouse Picks (9313)

Warehouse Put-aways (9312)

Whse. Item Journal (7324)

Bin List (7303)

Bin Content (7304)

Bin Contents List (7305)

Item Bin Contents (7379)

Released Production Order (99000831)

Released Production Orders (9326)

Item Card (30)

Item List (31)

Bins (7302)

Zones (7300)

Customer Card (21)

Customer List (22)

Shipping Agents (428)

Vendor Card (26)

Vendor List (27)

Warehouse Activity List (5774)

Item Journal (40)

Pick Worksheet (7345)

Whse. Internal Put-away List (7356)

Whse. Internal Put-away (7354)

The configuration is attached.

Best regards
Philippe Jacobsen


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