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Since our last content announcement, we’ve published the Report programming model and Testing best practices white papers.

We’ve also published an updated version of the white paper Implementing the address book framework. The white paper has been updated to include sections that describe how to create a
new party role, how to update code related to transactions, and how to use the extensible data security (XDS) framework to restrict access to parties that can viewed or accessed.

What kinds of white papers do we publish?

Developer white papers

We publish many different types of white papers for developers. For Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, we’ve published the following types of papers:

  • Best practices: These papers describe general best practices, and are often written at a broad level—usually they apply to an entire implementation. The list of papers is updated on
    TechNet each month.
  • Code upgrade: These papers describe how to implement and adopt code patterns in AX 2012 that existed in earlier versions Microsoft Dynamics AX. They are a great resource for both upgraders and those implementing a feature for the first time.
  • Patterns: These papers describe how to implement code patterns that are new to AX 2012.

System administrator white papers

The list of system administrator white papers is maintained on TechNet. We haven’t categorized our system administrator-focused white papers—there really aren’t enough of them yet.

Application user white papers

The list of application user white papers is maintained on TechNet. Application user white papers describe how to support a business process or need with a feature of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Right now, we have two Lean Manufacturing-related papers.

How to find white papers

Because our sites are audience-centered, we determine where we are going to post a landing page for a white paper based on the audience. We determine the primary audience for a white paper based on the amount of the code, the number of permissions that you need to have, and the business decisions that the reader needs to be able to make. Sometimes figuring out the audience for a paper is easy, sometimes it isn’t.

For that reason, you may see the same paper listed multiple times if you navigate to a white paper by using the TechNet table of contents.

Most white papers are published to the Microsoft Download Center, but a few live only on PartnerSource or CustomerSource. Therefore, if you search for a paper, you may find a multiple landing pages for the paper (one on the Download Center, one on TechNet, one on PartnerSource, one on CustomerSource), but they will all take you to the same download location.

Once a month, we update our lists of white papers on TechNet. However, because we believe that new and updated white papers are usually urgent, we often publish them to the download center in between our TechNet publishing cycles. We announce white papers that are published apart individually in tweets from AXContent, and we’ll also be announcing them here. If you want the fastest announcement, subscribe to the Dynamics Downloads RSS feed—it doesn’t need to wait for a human!

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