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Update: I stand corrected, embedding fonts into a PDF is not an option with the SAVEASPDF function in NAV 2009.

But now you at least know that this is solved in our next version.



I just want to share a small tip today. If you need to include a custom font into a RDLC report you need to first install the font, of course.

The Font must be a True Type font. If your font is an Open Type font you will need to convert this first for it to visible in Visual Studio.

Then you will need to restart the computer for the font to be embedded into the report when saving as PDF.

The restart issue took me some time to figure out, so with this small tip, you hopefully will not loose as much hair as I did, when you include a custom font into a RDLC report.

I have attached a sample RDLC report with a custom barcode font.


Report with embedded font.pdf

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