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We have had questions recently regarding the two voucher
posting strategy for purchase distributions.  You may be seeing additional
purchase order posting distributions as well as entries for the PO posting
types Purchase expenditure, un-invoice and Purchase expenditure for
product receipt


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 introduces the ability to have
non-stocked purchases.  In order to allow for non-stocked purchases to
post alongside stocked items the posting process needed to be refactored. This
is going to affect all Purchase Order posting regardless if you are using
stocked or non-stocked purchases.


These posting types should always be in balance.  There
will always be debit and credit entries between the two vouchers.


Because the posting process was refactored, there is not a
way to turn off the usage of these posting types.


Our support team has published a ‘What’s New’ Partner
training document for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 found on PartnerSource that
will walk you through each Purchase Order posting scenario as well as provide
additional information regarding the two voucher posting strategy.

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