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1.       What is Activity Feeds report?

Activity Feeds report is a CRM report for Activity Feeds, which uses FetchXML query to retrieve Activity Feeds-related data from database through SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS).

2.       What is Activity Feeds Report for?

Imagine you are the owner or the administrator of a CRM organization or someone who is interested in knowing how a CRM organization collaborates. You want to know how members of the organization collaborated each month through Activity Feeds, what the trending topics were and who were the most active members, etc… It would be time-consuming and difficult for you to go through all topics, features and users to find out the information. What Activity Feeds report does is saves you from collecting the information yourself by simply running the report. The report will gather Activity Feeds usage information for the selected month and produce the following statistics about the organization respective to the month.

  • Total posts
  • Total user posts
  • Total auto posts
  • Total comments
  • Number of instances that are followed
  • Average number of instances followed per user
  • Number of instances that have posts
  • Number of follows
  • Top 5 most popular users based on number of their followers
  • Top 5 most popular features based on number of their followers
  • Summary table of number of posts by user
  • Summary table of number of comments by user

With the information provided by this report, you can easily keep track of the activity level of your organization and filter out which area you have done a good job and where you need to improve.

3.       How to use Activity Feeds Report

There is not much you need to do besides upload the report to your CRM server. Before you can upload, make sure your security role(s) have permission to upload report. To upload a report, follow these steps:

a.      Open your CRM server  in IE  browser

b.      Go to Workplace > Reports

c.       Select New button from the ribbon at the top to open a new Report window

d.      In the new Report window, Select “Existing File” for Report  Type

e.       Select Browse button to specify the path to the report.

f.        Name the report

g.      Click Save and Close

After the report has been uploaded, it should show in Report: Available Reports view under Workplace > Reports. From here you can double click on the report or select the report and click Run Report button from the ribbon to run it.

Below is a snapshot of the report. You can select any month from the drop down list at the top left corner of the report and then click View Report to see the data for that month.

Social platform like Activity Feeds promotes collaboration and productivity among members. Thus, understanding of how your organization “socializes” in CRM is important. The report helps you not only to catch up with the things going on within your organization but also understand how each member is doing.

If you would like to create your own custom report, you can follow the instructions from this link How To: Creating Custom Report with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 BIDS Fetch Extension.

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