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 If you are an existing CRM user who has created multiple main application forms on some entities before you enable the entities for Activity Feeds, you may find that enabling Activity Feeds for them won’t add the Record Wall control to the forms of the entity which has multiple forms. This blog walks you through the steps of how to add the Record Wall control to such entities’ chosen forms.


  • You have multiple forms on an entity, e.g. Account.
  • You have installed the Activity Feeds Solution. With this condition, you are assumed to have at least system customizer privilege.
  • You have enabled Activity Feeds for Account. There is no Record Wall on any of the Account’s main application forms because this entity has multiple main application forms.

What you need to do:

  • Following the instructions step by step in order to add Record Wall to one of more forms of Account.


  • Record Wall is enabled on any chosen Account forms.


1. Launch one of the Account entities and choose the form from the form selector the one that you want to have a Record Wall.

2. Click Customize Ribbon and click Form to launch FormEditor

3. Click on Insert -> Tab -> One Column to launch Tab Properties dialog

4. In the Tab Properties dialog, set the follow values

4.1   Name= tab_recordwall (Name has to be exact same as tab_recordwall)

4.2   Label = Record Wall

4.3   You can uncheck the “Expand this tab by default”

5. Click Events Tab and add msdyn_/ActivityFeeds.Form.js

5.1   Expand Form Libraries

5.2   Add -> msdyn_/ActivityFeeds.Form.js

6. Adding the Event Handlers

6.1   Click on Event Handlers

6.2   Add -> Details

6.2.1          Select msdyn_/ActivityFeeds.Form.js

6.2.2          Function = ActivityFeeds.Form.CustomizationUtils.updateRecordWallRenderingState

6.2.3          Enabled = Checked

6.2.4          Parameters -> Check the Pass execution context as first parameter and Click Ok

7. Click OK to persist Tab properties settings and go back to FormEditor.

8. Select the Record Wall Tab and double click the Section to launch the Section Properties dialog

8.1   Select Formatting -> One Column

8.2   Click OK to persist settings and dismiss the Section Properties dialog

9. In FormEditor, click on the Web Resource in the Insert Ribbon

10. Choose msdyn_/RecordWall.htm as the Web Resource in the lookup.

10.1 Select the Web resource = msdyn_/RecordWall.htm

10.2 Name= Record Wall

10.3 Check Pass record object-type code and unique identifier as parameters


11. Set the Web Resource formatting

11.1 Click on Formatting Tab

11.2 Number of Rows = 15

11.3 Click OK to persist settings and dismiss the Add Web Resource dialog

12. In the FormEditor, make sure that the Record Wall Tab is collapsed


13. Save and Publish Form

14. Go back to the Account Entity grid and launch the entity page of an Account entity. Choose the form you just modified, you will see that record wall is added to the form.


Zhen Zhang


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