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Dynamics CRM Mobile App is recently released to the windows phone Marketplace. Here, in this article, I’ll try to explain how to take configure the app against your CRM Online & IFD organizations and its high level capabilities to use from the phone.

Configuring “Dynamics CRM” for your organization:

You can find “Dynamics CRM” app on your windows phone (7.5 Mango or higher) by searching in the Marketplace. It is a free app from Microsoft Corporation.

Once you install and launch the app, it will take you through the first run experience. You need to specify user name and password which you normally use to connect to your CRM Online instance from web client or outlook client. 

I have provided the below screenshots to guide you with the step by step process.



You can also use the app to configure against IFD (Internet Facing Domain) environments.  If you want to connect to an IFD organization, you need toggle the switch “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online” (it becomes “Custom” as seen on the below screen) and enter your Server URL & Home realm URL. You can talk to your administrator if you don’t know what to put in for these fields.

Note: If your administrator doesn’t have a Home realm URL, you can leave it as blank.

Also, if you belong to more than one organization, you need to choose the right organization after entering your login details.


Using “Dynamics CRM” App:

You’ll get the full experience of app only when administrator enables Activity Feeds for your organization. 

To know more about Activity Feeds, please take a look at recently released Microsoft Dynamics CRM Activity Feeds solution to the Dynamics Marketplace. You need to be running on UR5 or greater update to take advantage of Activity Feeds.

Once you configure the mobile app and activity feeds is enabled for your organization, it will not only help you stay on top of the situation but also helps with several other day to day CRM activities.

Here is a brief list of things you can do from your phone:

  • View latest Posts (both auto & user posts)
  • Make a Post or Comment
  • Delete a Post or Comment (if you have appropriate permissions)
  • Refresh a Post
  • Navigate between Posts(using left & right arrows appearing on screen)
  • Navigate between entities(by tapping blue text on the form)
  • View CRM entities (Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Users, Leads and Custom entities )
  • Pick a View for an entity
  • Search for a record
  • View a record in the form
  • Follow/Un-follow a record
  • Launch Email, Phone, Bing Maps tasks from record form
  • Ability to look at record wall next to the form itself
  • Change saved password (Settings -> change login)
  • Reconfigure the app to a different organization(Settings -> forget me)

 You can also work with your system administrator or system customizer to do the following tasks.

  • Enable specific entities for Mobile
  • Choosing right columns to display for each entity view.

Note, by default, primary sort column and first column of the view are shown on the phone. If your first column is already the primary sort column then it will be replaced by second column of the view.

Additionally, you can setup personal views on your web or outlook client which will get downloaded to the phone after 24 hours. The same applies to any metadata changes that happen on the server.

Srikanth Nallamothu

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