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This is related with How to work with “Warning icons” in Planning Worksheet

Here, we have an scenario where NAV does not respect order modifiers (maximum/multiple/minimum order quantity) when there are exceptions. As we mentioned in earlier post, exceptions are … exceptions!!! Yeah, I know you might have an issue but, isn’t this a situation that should occur exceptionally in your customer? If for whatever reason, these are not exceptions, you might have an issue with your planning parameters. When NAV flags the Warning Icon, it means there are exceptional situations like negative inventory, stock below safety stock,  

The issue here is that customers treat all these scenarios differently. If we have the inventory level below safety stock, one customer might wait for the next planned replenishment to increase the ordered quantity. Other customers might create an urgent replenishment for the required quantity regardless of order modifiers since safety stock should not be rounded with order modifiers (it increases safety level in fact) … Or … whatever. Exceptions are treated differently. We mentioned this on that previous blog. What we also mentioned is that NAV design does not activate the “Accept Action Message” flag when this is an exception. What this means is that NAV is not suggesting a replenishment. It just warns the user of this exceptional situation for the user to take decission on how to address this. Thus, it should only be understood as NAV warning you that an exceptional situation exists.

And, that is why NAV does not respect order modifiers. It only warns the user about an exception situation (ie. inventory level is 20 pcs below safety stock). It does not suggest the user to replenish (ie. it does not suggest to replenish 20 pcs). Thus, user need to decide what is the best to address this exception … and to consider order modifiers if required.

As stated, different customers treat exceptions differently. From a standard code, it is true we are not taking into consideration the order modifiers … but this is an exception and should not occur but in very rare times. Thus, we need to manage customer in the fact that this should not happen to them frequently and that we are not suggesting anything … we are only flaging the exceptional scenario for the user to decide action to take.

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