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As a follow up to my previous post, we are happy to announce that, from build 32942, the hotfix releases will detect if objects need to be recompiled and prompt you to recompile accordingly. This will happen when importing incompatible fobs files or when applying new platform hotfixes.

If you try to import fob files from previous (or possibly also newer versions), or if you export them from newer builds (32942 and newer) and back to NAV 2009 R2 or newer versions (up to build 32942), the system will detect that the metadata is incompatible and force a recompilation when imported. The same detection will happen if you apply a hotfix to your system, and your objects need to be recompiled.

In the future, the metadata version (which is now in the Object Metadata table in field 27) will be updated if a compilation will be needed after applying a hotfix, not making it necessary always to re-compile the objects every time you apply a new hotfix (and preventing the RTC client from losing the connection to the server). The current metadata version is 60300, whereas the R2 runtime metadata version is 60200.

Since we are changing a system table (table 2000000071), we need to do a database conversion. Moreover, since the objects are not recompiled with a database upgrade, you also need to recompile the objects that you need. The nice feature now, is that the RTC will prompt you on demand to recompile the objects that need recompilation (basically, the ones you use).

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