Employee Services Site for AX 2012

We have received questions regarding the Employee Services site for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and where it is located.

On prior versions you would see the Employee Services site listed on the main Enterprise Portal page if you had the appropriate permissions.  On Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, this has been split out to have its own site in the default configuration.  The change was made because we are intending to target different user communities for each of these portal pages.  The differentiation with the portal sites also applies to the new Vendor and Customer portals.

Once you have Enterprise Portal installed, you’ll see that the Employee Services tab no longer exists in the primary EP site.  To access the Employee Services you just need to append /EmployeeServices/ to the base EP site URL.  For example, if your EP site is located at http://SharePointServer/sites/DynamicsAx/, you can access the Employee Services at http://SharePointServer/sites/DynamicsAX/EmployeeServices/.

If you want your portal site deployment to work differently this is something that can always be customized.