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The idea here is that you want to re-use the role centres page by renaming it and re-assigning it to a user profile. We were following through However when trying to do this we came across a few errors. What we tried first was to duplicate the page by going to: http://servername/sites/DynamicsAx/Enterprise%20Portal/Forms/AllItems.aspx?WCMP=DMO we looked for the Role Centers page we want to duplicate for example: RoleCenterAccountant and then downloaded it on disk then changed the name to CopyRoleCenterAccountant.aspx.

Then next step was to uploaded this file back using by going to http://servername/sites/DynamicsAx/Enterprise%20Portal/Forms/AllItems.aspx?WCMP=DMO  Upload > Upload Document. However when this was uploaded no Web Parts were visible.

We were able to workaround the issue by doing the following:

1. Duplicate file in AOT by going to Web \ Web Files \ Page Definition

2. See below the “CopyOfRoleCenterAccountant”

3. Export the Page Definition to an .xpo

4. Once Page Definition is exported we can open .xpo with Notepad then we can change property URL to give our site file name:

5. After changing property we can import page definition (overwrite our page to get correct url)

6. Once page definition is imported and url is updated we can right click and select Deploy or use axupdateportal.exe to deploy it to SharePoint.

7. Then we just need to add URL in Web \ Web Menu Items \ URLs

8. Then lastly add this to Administration > Setup > User profiles

9. Navigate to the new URL and you are able to view and edit web parts as you wish.


–author: Charlotte Rowe, Czeslawa Langowska-Vliegen
–ediror: Anup Shah
–date: 30/Nov/2011

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