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Updated and new content for Microsoft Dynamics AX has been posted to TechNet and MSDN.

We have published many new topics again this month. The following table contains links to each group of topics within the post.



Approximate number of topics published

InformationSource topics


Windows PowerShell topics


System Administrator topics


Developer topics


Topics published on both MSDN and TechNet

(Analytics, Reporting and Services)


Report Catalog topics


White papers



Note that for new sections like the Windows PowerShell Technical Reference, we provide a link to the top-level topic. For existing sections that contain new or updated topics, we link you to specific topics.

As always, if you are curious about our general content strategy, where you can find our content, and how to give us feedback, see the post on Inside Dynamics AX: Official Dynamics AX 2012 Content.

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InformationSource tool documentation 

Microsoft Dynamics InformationSource is a site that provides a set of services and resources that are intended to help customers and partners analyze, design, configure and customize ERP solutions by following Microsoft Dynamics solution architecture recommended practices. You can access it with your PartnerSource or CustomerSource credentials.  

Documentation for the tools on InformationSource can be found on TechNet, in the Microsoft Dynamics InformationSource node.

Windows PowerShell Technical Reference

Help topics for each of the forty Windows PowerShell cmdlets for managing Microsoft Dynamics AX have been posted in the Windows PowerShell Technical Reference. You can get to these topics by searching TechNet, or from the Microsoft Dynamics AX Management Console by using the Get-Help command for any cmdlet. In the Related Links section, Get-Help returns the URL of the online version of the topic. Online versions of the topic are updated more frequently than the help that ships with the product.

System Administrator topics

The following topics in the system administrator help on TechNet have been published or updated.

Architecture and planning

View benchmark reports

Deployment / Updates and hotfixes

Apply updates and hotfixes


Obtaining updates and hotfixes


Installing updates and hotfixes


Install updates to database, AOS,  and clients


Deploy updated reports to a report  server


Deploy updates to Enterprise Portal


Run AXUpdate in silent mode


AXUpdate command line parameters  reference

System setup for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Set up segregation of duties


Identify and resolve conflicts in  segregation of duties


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Developer topics

The following topics have been published or updated on MSDN.


Best Practices

Workflow Best Practices


How to: Use the SysGlobalObjectCache Class for Better  Performance


Set-based Caching


Single-record Caching


Walkthrough: Creating Base and Derived Tables

Enterprise Portal

Adding the AxWorkflowActionBar to a User Control






User Control Components

Getting Started

Searching for Documentation with WebSearchAx

What’s New: Reporting for Developers in Microsoft Dynamics  AX 2012

Implementing Workflow

About Workflow Development


How to: Activate a Workflow using the Configuration ID


How to: Activate a Workflow using the Sequence Number


How to: Associate an Action Menu Item with a Workflow Task  or Approval Outcome


How to: Create a SubmitToWorkflow Class


How to: Create a Workflow Approval


How to: Create a Workflow Document Class


How to: Create a Workflow Task


How to: Create a Workflow Task or Approval Event Handler


How to: Debug X++ Code in Workflow


How to: Enable a Form or List for Workflow


Walkthrough: Adding Workflow to an Existing Form


Walkthrough: Creating a Workflow with a Task and an Approval


Workflow Approval Checklist


Workflow Approval State Transitions


Workflow Approvals


Workflow Automated Tasks


Workflow Events Overview


Workflow Provider Interfaces


Workflow Providers Overview


Workflow Security


Workflow Task Checklist


Workflow Tasks


Deployment Overview of .NET Assemblies for Interop


Hot-swapping of .NET Assemblies in the AOS


How to: Convert Between utcdatetime and System.DateTime


How to: Use the CLRObject Class when an Assembly cannot be  Deployed to Clients


Proxy Classes for .NET Interop to X++


References versus Visual Studio Projects for Assemblies in  the AOT

Microsoft Dynamics AX IDE

How to: Set the Layer


How to: Set the Layer View for Elements


Patch Layers


Shortcut Keys: Code Editor

MorphX Reporting Tools

MorphX Reporting Tools Overview

Visual Studio Integration

Adding a Visual Studio Project to the AOT


How to: Enable Hot Swapping of Assemblies

X++ Language Programming Guide

Static Methods


X++, C# Comparison: Operators

Client /

Controls in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Controls in Microsoft Dynamics AX


Form Controls

Client /

Controls in Microsoft Dynamics AX /

Form Controls



How to: Add FastTabs to a Form


How to: Delete a Control from a Form

Client /

Form Data Sources

AutoJoin System


Data Sources for Forms


How to: Add a Field Group to a Form


Methods on a Form Data Source

Client /

Forms in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Action Panes and Action Pane Strips

Action Pane Overview


Action Pane Strip Overview


How to: Create an Action Pane


How to: Create an Action Pane Button


How to: Create an Action Pane Strip


Details Forms

Details Form Overview


How to: Add a Data Source to a Details Form


How to: Add a FastTab to a Details Form


How to: Add Fields to a Details Form


How to: Add Line Details Information to a Details Form with  Lines


How to: Create a Details Form


How to: Customize the Line View of a Details Form with Lines


How to: Specify the Page Title for a Details Form


FactBox Panes

How to: Add a Part to the FactBox Pane

Form Classes

Caching display Methods

Lookup Forms Overview

Client /

Forms in Microsoft Dynamics AX /

Navigation Forms /
List Page Forms

How to: Add a Part to the FactBox pane of a List Page

How to: Add a Preview Pane to a List Page

Troubleshooting Forms


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Topics on both TechNet and MSDN

The following topics have been published or updated on both TechNet and MSDN.


Deployment of analytics

Update the OLAP data source

Getting started with analytics

Tools used for analytics

What’s New: Analytics for IT  Professionals

Planning and architecture

Analytics architecture

Planning considerations for  analytics




Deploy reports to the new Reporting  Services instance


Deploy the default reports


Deprecated Microsoft Dynamics AX  2009 Reports in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012


Guidance when Upgrading Reports


Mapping Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009  Reports to the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Version


Upgrading Reports

Developing Reports

Adding Links to a Report


Considerations to Create a Report


Guidance for Choosing the Data  Source Type


How to: Add a Report Drill Through  Action on a Report


How to: Configure the Debugger to  Debug a Report Data Provider Class


How to: Create a Company Parameter  in a Report


How to: Define a Report Data Source


How to: Define a Report Dataset


How to: Define a Report with  Dynamic Filters


How to: Group and Order Report Parameters  by Using a Data Contract Class


How to: Print a Report


How to: Specify a Chart Axis Start  Value


How to: Use a Report Data Provider  Class in a Report


How to: Use an Expression in a  Report


How to: Use an Expression in a  Report Parameter


How to: View a Report


How to:Use Display Methods in a  Report


Parameters Overview


Report Data Overview


Using Queries to Access Report Data


Using Report Data Provider Classes  to Access Report Data


Walkthrough: Using AX Enum Provider  in a Column Chart Report


Working with Expressions

Planning and architecture

Planning considerations for  reporting



Deploy services and AIF /

Install web services on IIS

Add or configure websites

Getting started with services and AIF

Developing with Services and AIF

Services and AIF development

Using the Call Context


How to: Create a Document Query


Concurrency When Updating Data


Message Header


Walkthrough: Calling the Query  Service with a Static Query


Walkthrough: Exposing an X++ Class  as a Data Contract

Services and AIF operations

Configure security for integration  ports


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Report Catalog

The following report topics are now available.


Cash and bank management reports

Bank account balance report  (BankAccountBalance)


Bank report  (BankLedgerReconciliation)


Reconciliation report (BankReconciliationSummary)

Fixed assets reports

Fixed asset due for replacement  report (AssetDueReplacement)


Fixed asset physical inventory  worksheet report (AssetInventoryWorkSheet)


Fixed asset replacements report  (AssetReplacementReport)

General ledger reports

Accountant investment analysis  report (AccountantInvestmentAnalysis)


CFO short-term solvency report  (CFOShortTermSolvency)


Controller investment analysis  report (ControllerInvestmentAnalysis)


Controller long-term solvency  report (ControllerLongTermSolvency)


Controller operational efficiency report (ControllerOperationalEfficiency)


Controller profitability analysis  report (ControllerProfitabilityAnalysis)


Controller short-term solvency  report (ControllerShortTermSolvency)


Posted transaction by journal  report (LedgerTransPerJournal)


Sales tax list report (TaxList)


Sales tax specification report  (SalesTaxByCustomer)


Treasurer asset analysis report  (TreasurerAssetAnalysis)


Treasurer liabilities analysis  report (TreasurerLiabilitiesAnalysis)


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White Papers

The following white papers were published in November.

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