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Updated and new content for Microsoft Dynamics AX has been posted to TechNet and MSDN.

We have published many new topics again this month. The following table contains links to each group of topics within the post.


Approximate number of topics published

System Administrator topics


Application User topics


Developer topics


Topics published on both TechNet and MSDN

(Resources and Services)


Report Catalog topics


License and Configuration Key Reference


White papers


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System Administrator topics

The following topics in the system administrator help on TechNet have been published or updated.


Overview of updates and hotfixes


Process for installing updates

System setup

Import duplicate company data to use for testing


Troubleshooting database performance


Commodity pricing template line grouping (form)

Prepare pricing templates

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Application User topics

The following topics in the application user help on TechNet have been published or updated.

Compliance and internal controls 

Add images and colors to process flow maps


Create and save process flow queries


View a process flow map

Cost accounting 

Create hierarchy structures


Periodic activities in cost accounting

Human resources 

About profile calendars for time and attendance registrations


About profile types for time and attendance registrations


About registration groups for time and attendance


Add clock-out registrations for workers


Clean up old time and attendance registrations


Create time and attendance registrations


Modify registrations before or after approval


Process time and attendance registrations


Register time and attendance


Set up profile groups for time and attendance registrations


Transfer time and attendance registrations


Work planner


Work with time and attendance

Inventory and warehouse management 

About packing materials and packing material fees


About product variants


About shipment reservations


Define packing material fees


Print packing material weights on invoices


View backorders by item

Procurement and sourcing 

About backorders


View purchase or sales release order lines

Product information management 

About system-defined and user-defined table constraints


Add a BOM line to a component


Add a route operation to a component


Add a table constraint to a component


Add an attribute to a component


Assign product dimensions to a product master


Create a product configuration template


Create a subcomponent for a component


Create a table constraint


Create an attribute group


Create an expression constraint for a component


Create attribute types


Create components


Create products by using a template


Delete an attribute group


Duplicate a product configuration model


Enter translations in a product configuration model


Import or export a product configuration model


Modify product numbers


Test a product configuration model

Production control 

About production parameters in Manufacturing execution


About reporting BOMs as finished

Sales and marketing 

About direct deliveries


About product groups


About sales delivery reasons


Add and delete contacts for synchronization in Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Outlook


Create direct deliveries


Direct deliveries


Organizing products for presentation on the Enterprise Portal


Print the status of a sales agreement


View customer invoice lines for a sales agreement


View history of confirmed sales agreements

Service management 

Modify a Service BOM


Prepare for service

Travel and expense 

About expense reports and multiple approvers


About posting an expense report to the general ledger


About Travel and expense workflow


About travel requisitions


Approve or reject an expense report in the Microsoft Dynamics AX client


Set up workflows for travel and expense


Activity details (form)

Adjustment of on-hand inventory (form)

Allocate charges (form)

Auto charges (form)

Calendar cleanup (class form)

Cash advance posting (form)

Change product numbers (form)

Charges groups (form)

Commodity codes (form)

Complete job and enter details (form)

Copy profile (class form)

Copy service order lines (form)

Create scheduled kanbans (form)

Delegates (form)

Delete return order (form)

Delimitation (form)

Dimensions display (form)

Disposition codes (form)

Expenditure reviewers – Expense reports (form)

Expense purpose for transactions (form)

Handle messages (form)

Import product configuration model (form)

Item model groups (form)

Kanban quantity calculation (form)

Kanban quantity calculation policies (form)

Kanban schedule board (form)

Manual premiums (form)

Modes of delivery (form)

New product (form)

New released product (form)

Number of planning periods (form)

Pay adjustment pay types (form)

Pay items (form)

Pay types (form)

Pegging tree overview (form)

Per diem locations (form)

Piecework workers (form)

Planned production jobs (form)

Premium lines (form)

Release from purchase or sales agreement (form)

Released product details (form)

Released products (list page)

Resolution (form)

Resource groups (form)

Restore lines (class form)

Revert kanban job status (form)

Sales agreement confirmations (form)

Statistics groups (form)

Terms of delivery (form)

Worker balances (form)

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Developer topics

The following topics have been published or updated on MSDN.

Application Object Server (AOS) 

Best Practices: Application Object Server (AOS)


Number Sequence Framework

Best Practices

Best Practice Overview


List of Error and Warning Messages


Naming Conventions


Top Best Practices to Consider


X++ Coding Standards


Best Practices Checks


Classes Best Practices


Data Dictionary Best Practices


Jobs Best Practices


Macros Best Practices


Menu Items Best Practices


Queries Best Practices


Reports Best Practices


Web Applications Best Practices


Workflow Best Practices


Best Practices for Classes


Best Practices for Methods


Best Practice for Destructors (finalize)


Best Practices for Class Declarations


Best Practices for Constructors


Best Practices for Accessor Methods


Best Practices for init Methods


Best Practices for new and static new… Methods


Best Practices for Static Construct Methods


Best Practices for Local Functions


Best Practices for Method Modifiers


Best Practices for Parameters


Naming Conventions: Methods


Best Practices for Configuration and Security Keys


Best Practices for Extended Data Types


Best Practices for Perspectives


Best Practices for Table Collections


Best Practices for Views


Best Practices: Tables


Best Practices for Enum Properties


Best Practices for Extended Data Type Properties


Best Practices for Indexes


Best Practices for Table Methods


Best Practices for Table Properties


Best Practices for Table Relations


Best Practices: Table Fields


Best Practices for Index Properties


Clustered Indexes


Unique Indexes


Best Practices for Field Groups


Best Practices for Table Field Properties


Extended Field IDs


Best Practices for Form Control Properties


Best Practices for Form Design Properties


Best Practices for Lookup Forms


Best Practices: List Pages


Best Practices for Report Design


Best Practices for Report Properties


Best Practices for Use of Reports


APIs in the Standard Application


Best Practices: Performance Optimizations


Data Model for New Microsoft Dynamics AX Modules


Design Principles


Modify Objects in the Standard Application


Modifying User Interface Text


Best Practices: Relative Upgrade Costs


Best Practice Performance Optimizations: AOS Tuning


Best Practice Performance Optimizations: Database Design and Operations


Best Practice Performance Optimizations: General Programming


Best Practice Performance Optimizations: Swapping Arrays to Disk


Always Use Field Groups in Tables


Keep Business and User Interface Logic Separate


Use Auto Property Settings


Using Global Variables


Where to Place the Code


RunBase Framework


Best Practices for Labels


Naming Convention: Automatically Generated Names


Naming Conventions: Abbreviations


Naming Conventions: License Codes


Naming Conventions: Name Structure


Naming Conventions: Prefixes


Naming Conventions: Underscores


Naming Conventions: Use of Uppercase and Lowercase


Naming Conventions: Variables


HelpText Guidelines


Best Practices: Avoiding Potential Security Issues


Best Practices: XML Documentation


Clear Code Examples


Dead Code Examples


Intrinsic Functions


X++ Layout


X++ Standards: Arrays


X++ Standards: Comments


X++ Standards: Constants


X++ Standards: Dates


X++ Standards: if … else and switch Statements


X++ Standards: select Statements


X++ Standards: throw Statements


X++ Standards: try/catch Statements


X++ Standards: ttsBegin and ttsCommit


Action Pane Strip Overview


Applying Country Specific Functionality


How to: Add Multiple Data Sources to a Query


Valid Time State Tables and Date Effective Data


Debugger Shortcut Keys


Microsoft Dynamics AX Debugger

Enterprise Portal

Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Coding User Controls


Troubleshooting: Enterprise Portal Development


Walkthrough: Adding a Field to a User Control


Walkthrough: Quickly Creating and Deploying a User Control


Common Context Scenarios


Using Context from Code in Enterprise Portal


How to: Add Image Files to Enterprise Portal Pages


How to: Add Page-level Navigation


Connection to AOT


How to: Add an EP Web Application Project to the AOT


How to: Create an EP Web Application Project


How to: Use a Predefined Proxy for a Web Application Project


How to: Debug X++ Code on EP Pages


Designing Reports for Enterprise Portal


Security Resources for Enterprise Portal




How to: Connect User Controls with other User Controls


Business Overview Web Part

Getting Started

Searching for Documentation with WebSearchAx


What’s New: Best Practices for Developers in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012


What’s New: Enterprise Portal for Developers in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 SDK


How to: Create Data Using .NET Business Connector


How to: Delete Data Using .NET Business Connector


How to: Read Data Using .NET Business Connector


How to: Update Data Using .NET Business Connector


Walkthrough: Integrate an Application with Microsoft Dynamics AX Using .NET Business Connector

MorphX Development Tools

MorphX Reporting Tools

Properties of AOT Elements 

Base Enum Properties


Menu Item Properties


Adding Links to a Report


Deprecated Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Reports in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012


How to: Create a Menu Item for a Report


How to: Find Objects and Roles Related to Security Constructs

Visual Studio Integration 

Deploying Managed Code

X++ Language Programming Guide 



The this Object

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Topics on both TechNet and MSDN

The following topics have been published or updated on both TechNet and MSDN.



Troubleshoot the Data Management Framework


 Services and Application
  Integration Framework (AIF) 

How to: Configure integration ports for selected services


Troubleshoot services and AIF


Walkthrough: Configuring an inbound integration port for catalog import

 Getting started with
  services and AIF

Messages and transforms in AIF

 Services and AIF

Message Header


Walkthrough: Calling the Metadata Service


Walkthrough: Calling the Query Service with a Static Query


How to: Import an XSLT Transform


Exchanging documents between BizTalk Server and AIF

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Report Catalog

The following report topics are now available.

Report Catalog 

Customer turnover report (smmCustRevenue)

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License and Configuration Key Reference

The following topics have been published or updated on both TechNet and MSDN.

Project I license code (Project1)

Project I configuration key (ProjBasic)

Project I license code (Project1) / Project I configuration key

Cost and internal project configuration key (ProjBasicInternalProject)


Expense configuration key (ProjBasicCost)


Fee configuration key (ProjBasicRevenue)


Forecast configuration key (ProjBasicForecast)


Hours configuration key (ProjBasicHour)


Microsoft Project Server integration configuration key (ProjServerIntegration)


On-account configuration key (ProjBasicOnAcc)


Project grant management configuration key (ProjGrant)

Project II license code (Project2)

Project II configuration key (ProjAdvanced)

Project II license code (Project2) / Project II configuration
  key (ProjAdvanced)

Investment configuration key (ProjAdvEstimateInvestment)


Advanced funding configuration key (ProjAdvFunding)


Budgeting and cost control configuration key (ProjAdvCostControl)


Cash flow configuration key (ProjAdvCashFlow)


Estimate projects configuration key (ProjAdvEstimate)

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White Papers

The following white papers were published in November.

Implementing the Agreement Framework

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