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What a journey it’s been over the past six years!  … from the ground-breaking CRM 3.0 release, to full multi-tenancy with CRM 4.0, and the amazing user experience of CRM 2011… with the launch of CRM Online in 2008, a global roll-out in 2011, and six more Online service updates along the way … and with great customers and great partners around the world fueling double-digit growth of the Dynamics CRM business for 29 consecutive quarters.  It’s been so much fun to be a part of this business, to bring a terrific and talented team together, and to help guide Microsoft into a leadership position in the CRM category.  As we start 2012, I’m very excited to transition my responsibilities over to Dennis Michalis, and to watch him continue to grow and scale the Microsoft Dynamics CRM business.

Microsoft provided a unique opportunity to build a business from the start-up phase to maturity, and that’s what I love doing.  I’m taking some time to decide what to do next, but you can be sure that it will be about growth and passion.

With that, I want to say a huge “THANK YOU” to all of my customers, partners, colleagues, and friends who have made this a wonderful experience for me – your friendship and partnership are unforgettable!  I look forward to staying in touch, and you can always reach me at, or via my LinkedIn profile.

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