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I’m a big fan of Microsoft OneNote and I always like seeing our commercials that show some cool ways to use it.  When I first started working on AX for Retail I quickly got annoyed with how difficult it was to debug receipt printing by printing to either a physical printer or to XPS documents.  Here is an tip showing you how to print your POS documents directly to OneNote – no human interaction or wasting paper needed!

You’ll obviously need to have OneNote installed on your POS machine for this tip to work, so it is probably only applicable for development purposes, but hopefully it will save you some time as you’re fine-tuning your form layouts.

First you need to go to the Hardware Profiles inside Dynamics AX:  Retail Headquarters > Setup > POS > Hardware Profiles.  Make sure to select the hardware profile for the terminal you will be testing and then go to the Printer tab.  Select “Windows driver” from the Printer: dropdown and enter “Send To OneNote 2010” as your printer name. 


This should work for other versions of OneNote as well; just go to Devices and Printers in Control Panel and make sure you are using the correct name for the printer:


Make sure to push your hardware profile changes down to your terminal by running the N-1090 job.

Launch your POS (hopefully you won’t get an error that the printer was not found) and run through a transaction as normal.  As you’re finalizing the transaction the receipt should start to print.  The first time through this process you will get a prompt asking you where in OneNote you want the printouts to be stored:


I created a new section and have each print-out create a new page in that section.  Make sure to mark the “Always send printouts to the selected location” checkbox and hit OK.

After going through this step on the first one, all documents printed from the POS should generate a new page in that section:


You’ll end up with a ton of pages in this section, so you’ll want to periodically go in and delete them all.  Also, since you are using a Windows printer, you’ll run into some of the limitations noted in this article.

If you’re wasting paper testing out your receipts or you’re tired of sending them to XPS documents and then having to go find that XPS document to view, hopefully this tip will save you some time.

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