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Sometime ago we run into problem when reports that executes longer than 10 minutes are running into timeout error. To overcome this problem:

– For reports printed on screen job you need to install kernel hotfix KB 2642168 – the KB article is still not published on Partner source but you should be able to get hotfix through Microsoft Dynamics AX Support team

– For reports printed on screen or in batch. You need to:


  1. Open configuration:
    1. If a configuration file has been created for reporting services according to (make sure it’s in the right folder!), open that file in Microsoft Dynamics Ax Configuration Utility
    2. If no such configuration file has been created, open the Microsoft Dynamics Ax Configuration Utility configuration – change configuration target to Business Connector (non-interactive use only) – this configuration is stored in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Dynamics\6.0\Configuration\
  2. On the Connection tab, select Configure Services
  3. Select the service binding to modify under the Bindings node (QueryServiceEndpoint in this case) and tweak the SendTimeout or ReceiveTimeout parameter as necessary. SendTimeout is the one that needs tweaking:
  4. Restart SQL Reporting Services and Microsoft Dynamics Ax Client


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