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Updated and new content for Microsoft Dynamics AX has been posted to TechNet and MSDN. This is the last major update of Developer and Application User content for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. For the release of the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, there is content for the new and upated features in the Retail module. 

We have published many new topics again this month. The following table contains links to each group of topics within the post.


Approximate number of topics published

White papers and guides


System Administrator topics


Application User topics


Developer topics


Topics published on both MSDN and TechNet

(Analytics, Cube reference, Reporting, Resources, and Services)


Report Catalog topics


Note that for brand new sections like Install retail components, we provide a link to the top-level topic. For existing sections that contain new or updated topics, we link you to specific topics.

As always, if you are curious about our general content strategy, where you can find our content, and how to give us feedback, see the post on Inside Dynamics AX: Official Dynamics AX 2012 Content.

White Papers and Guides

The following white papers and guides were published in January.

Microsoft Dynamics AX data upgrade best practices

Implementing ISV Licensing in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Retail Deployment Guide: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. This guide offers end-to-end instructions for administrators installing, configuring, or upgrading to the retail features of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack.

Retail Store Connect Technical Reference: Microsoft Dynamics AX. This technical reference provides advanced configuration guidance for configuring the Retail Store Connect component in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Upgrade Guide. The latest release of the Upgrade Guide includes instructions for upgrading the retail components of Microsoft Dynamics AX to the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack release.

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System Administrator topics

The following topics in the system administrator help on TechNet have been published or updated.

Deployment / Install Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Install retail components

Install the RapidStart Connector

Install Retail Headquarters


Install Retail POS (point of sale)


Install Retail Store Connect


Install the Retail POS Plug-Ins


Install the Retail Store Database Utility


Install the Retail Transaction Service

Deployment / Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Clean up your data


Upgrade company accounts and virtual company accounts


Upgrade domains

Select company with desired parameters (form)

Select global Retail parameters


SQL Server topology

System setup for Microsoft Dynamics AX 

Create definition groups for import and export

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Application User topics

The following topics in the application user help on TechNet have been published or updated.

Accounts payable

About invoice matching and intercompany purchase orders


About parameters for settlements in Accounts payable


Configuring vendor payment settlements


Scenario: Settle a partial vendor payment and settle the final payment in full before the discount date


Scenario: Settle a partial vendor payment before the discount date with a final payment after the discount date


Scenario: Settle a partial vendor payment that has discounts on vendor credit notes


Scenario: Settle a partial vendor payment that has multiple discount periods


Scenario: Settle a vendor payment with an invoice


Scenario: Settle vendor payments by using payment proposals


Scenario: Take a discount that is more than the calculated discount for a vendor payment


Scenario: Use the “Date to use to calculate discounts” field to control discount calculations for vendor payments


Select vendor invoices to pay and settle


Vendor payment settlement scenarios

Accounts receivable 

Scenario: Automatic settlement and prioritization


About creating a budget from transaction accounts and total accounts

Cash and bank management 

Delete a check

Configuring product-wide features 

Example organizational hierarchies

Fixed assets 

About options for entering fixed asset transactions


Recalculate replacement costs and insured values

General ledger 

(Global, AUS, ITA) Set up withholding tax for a vendor


About conditional sales tax


About including sales tax in journal amounts


About the Whole amount and Interval options for sales tax codes


Create a financial dimension


Example: Rounding payments made to sales tax authorities


Perform a foreign currency revaluation


Prepare a legal entity for use in the consolidation process


Set up a sales tax on a sales tax

Human resources 

About adding clock-out registrations

Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 

Common user interface elements

Inventory and warehouse management 

About inventory dimensions and dimension groups


About mandatory inventory dimensions


About moving average


Setting up not stocked trade

Procurement and sourcing 

About purchase agreements


About purchase order posting types


Create and invoice an intercompany purchase order for internal use


Key tasks: Change management for purchase orders


Process purchase orders at year end


Set up intercompany trade


Set up purchase or sales agreement functionality


Set up vendors, customers, and items for intercompany trade

Product information management 

Define sales prices for products

Production control 

Key tasks: Schedule kanban jobs for a work cell

Productivity tools for end users 

About answer groups and answers


About answer session results


About completing a questionnaire


About conditional question hierarchies


About designing questionnaires


About planned answer sessions in questionnaire


About planning types for questionnaire


About question types


About questionnaire groups


About questionnaire parameters


About questionnaire statistics


About questionnaire types


About questions


About reference types for questionnaire


About result groups


About viewing and evaluating results


Attach a question to a questionnaire with result groups


Calculate statistics for a questionnaire


Complete a questionnaire


Create a question


Create answer groups and answers


End a scheduled questionnaire


Plan an answer session in questionnaire


Prerequisites for questionnaire


Schedule a questionnaire


Set up a conditional question hierarchy


Setting up questionnaires


Using answers and questions for questionnaire

Project management and accounting 

About changing the project group


About cost prices, sales prices, and transfer prices in projects


About estimates


About intercompany timesheets


About Microsoft Dynamics AX integration with Microsoft Project Server


About posting setup for project transactions


Configuring cost prices, sales prices, and transfer prices


Create a timesheet


Define validation connections


Delete project journals


Examples: Cost to complete methods


Examples: Project contract funding


Maintain timesheet favorites


Post timesheet hours and view distributions


Review and approve timesheets


Set up procurement and sales category defaults for projects


Set up timesheet system parameters


Set up transfer prices for intercompany timesheets


Set up validation groups

Public sector 

(FRA) About mandats de paiement (Public sector)


(FRA) About titres de recette (Public sector)


(FRA) Key tasks: Mandats de paiement and bordereaux de mandat (Public sector)


(FRA) Key tasks: Titres de recette and bordereaux de titre (Public sector)


About concessions


About configuring parameters


About importing products from a vendor


About payment methods


About price adjustments and discounts


About reason codes (Retail)


About retail hierarchies


About setting up assortments


About setting up bar codes


About setting up loyalty programs


About setting up Retail POS


About setting up retail products


About setting up screen layouts


About setting up staff


About setting up stores


About setting up taxes


About statements


About variants


About working with store inventory


Assign a screen layout


Assign dimension groups


Assign sales tax groups to stores


Assign sizes, colors, or styles to dimension groups




Configure bar code setups


Configure Enterprise Portal for Retail


Configure parameters


Configure stores to accept loyalty cards


Configure the retail assortments job


Configuring parameters and initial settings


Create a store


Create and post a statement


Create and post statements overview


Create and print labels overview


Create bar codes for specific products


Create concession settlements


Create contract cost sales


Create organization-wide card types and card numbers


Create store inventory documents


Design a screen layout


Import a product file from a vendor


Import vendor products overview


Item packages


Manage concessions overview


Manage store inventory overview


Post completed store inventory documents


Print product labels


Print shelf labels


Redeclare tender in the store


Replenish inventory overview


Retail hierarchy


Set other tax options for stores


Set up a button grid


Set up a concession contract


Set up a mix and match discount


Set up a price adjustment or discount


Set up a quantity discount


Set up a retail hierarchy


Set up a retail vendor hierarchy


Set up a screen layout


Set up an assortment


Set up and assign functionality profiles


Set up bar code mask characters


Set up bar code masks


Set up buttons


Set up card payment methods for stores


Set up card types and card numbers


Set up Commerce Services and Sites Services for Microsoft Dynamics ERP


Set up competitors


Set up default parameters for concessions


Set up discount periods


Set up e-mail receipts


Set up Enterprise Portal profiles and users


Set up gift cards


Set up hardware profiles


Set up images


Set up keyboard mapping groups


Set up loyalty cards


Set up loyalty customers


Set up loyalty payment methods


Set up loyalty schemes


Set up offline profiles


Set up organization-wide payment methods


Set up permissions and operations


Set up product packages


Set up reason codes


Set up receipt formats


Set up receipt profiles


Set up replenishment hierarchies


Set up replenishment rules


Set up replenishment service categories


Set up retail price groups


Set up retail products


Set up Retail Store Connect status messages


Set up Retail Transaction Service profiles


Set up sales tax overrides


Set up sizes, colors, and styles


Set up staff members


Set up store payment methods


Set up subcodes


Set up terminals


Set up vendor sales price margins


Set up vendor sales price points


Set up vendor’s product numbers


Set up visual profiles


Setting up and maintaining Retail


Setting up bar codes


Setting up competitors


Setting up concessions


Setting up e-mail receipts


Setting up functionality profiles


Setting up gift cards


Setting up loyalty programs


Setting up payment methods (Retail)


Setting up price adjustments and discounts


Setting up price groups


Setting up reason codes


Setting up Retail POS


Setting up retail products


Setting up screen layouts


Setting up staff


Setting up stores


Setting up taxes


Specify inclusive or exclusive tax


Update product data using the mass update worksheet


Use buyer’s push to distribute products


Use cross docking to distribute products




View assortment products


View credit memos


View inquiries and reports overview


View loyalty cards


View or unlock gift cards


View posted statements


View Retail POS shifts


View retail reports


View retail sales


View transactions


Working with Retail

Sales and marketing 

About sales order posting types


About the structure of product groups


Create and invoice an intercompany sales order for an external customer


Create and invoice an intercompany sales order for internal use


Create charges codes


Set up payment schedules on orders


Set up product group and item presentations

Service management 

About return cost price and return lot ID

Register the receipt of returned items

Using the Employee Services site 

Create and submit timesheets


Key tasks: Create expense reports

Using the Retail site 

Complete an outgoing transfer order

Perform a stock count


Receive a purchase order or transfer order


Use the Enterprise Portal Home page


View price reductions and discounts


View reports


View retail products

Using the Sales site 

Create, update, or view a contact information record


(FRA) Maintain mandats de paiement (form) (Public sector)

(FRA) Maintain titres de recette (form) (Public sector)

(NOR) Payment ID (form)

Add products (form) (Retail)

Add subcontracting service to activity (form)

Agreement classification (form)

Answer on questionnaire (form)

Answers (form)

AOS profiles (form)

Assortment (form)

Assortments (list page)

Bank balance (form)

Banked tender transactions (form)

Bar code mask characters (form)

Bar code mask setup (form)

Bills of exchange origin (form)

Breakdown of voucher (form)

Button grid (form)

Buyer’s push (form)

Card setup (form)

Card types (form)

Cash and bank management parameters (form)

Catalog approval page (form) (Retail)

Charges code (form)

Charges transactions (form)

Chart of accounts (form)

Closing and adjustment (form)

Color group (form)

Competitor prices (form)

Competitors (form)

Complete a questionnaire (form)

Concession contract (form)

Concession settlements (form)

Conditional answer (form)

Confirmation journal (form)

Convert to products not stocked (form)

Cost rollup by cost group (form)

Create bar codes (form)

Create concession settlement (form)

Create contract cost sales (form)

Create part payment (form)

Create purchase documents for subcontracting services (class form)

Create purchase order (form)

Create purchase order or direct delivery from sales (form)

Customers (form) (Retail)

Database profiles (form)

Depreciation profiles (form)

Discount (form)

Discount period (form)

External product descriptions (form)

Filter on action creations (form)

Free text invoice (form)

Group results (form)

Hour transactions (form)

Images (form)

Income/expense account (form)

Information subcodes (form)

Intercompany setup (form)

Invoice posting history and matching details (form)

Item–bar code (form) (Retail)

Job list – limit display (form)

Kanban board for process jobs (form)

Kanban board for transfer jobs (form)

Keyboard mapping (form)

Keyboard mapping group (form)

Linked products (form)

Loyalty cards (form)

Loyalty customers (form)

Loyalty point transactions (form)

Loyalty schemes (form)

Loyalty schemes (list page)

Mandatory check setup (form)

Mass update worksheet (form)

Mix and match (form)

Mix and match line group setup (form)

Mix and match line groups (form)

Mix and match transaction (form)

My favorites (form)

New timesheet (form)

Offline profile (form)

Offline scope (form)

Operations (form) (Retail)

Organization hierarchy purposes (form) (Retail)

Packages (form)

Packing slip journal (form)

Part payment (form)

Payment method (form)

Payment methods (form) (Retail)

Pegging event processing (class form)

Period status (form)

Planned cross docking (form)

Planning types (form)

Port (form)

POS functionality profile (form)

POS hardware profile (form)

POS permission groups (form)

POS position permissions (form)

POS terminal receipt printing (form)

POS terminals (form)

POS visual profiles (form)

Posting validation (form)

Postings (form)

Preactions (form)

Price adjustment (form)

Price/discount agreement journals (form)

Product receipt journal (form)

Product section location (form)

Production journal lines, picking list (form)

Project groups (form)

Project management and accounting parameters (form)

Project validation worker assignments (form)

Projects (form)

Promissory notes origin (form)

Protest settled bills of exchange (form)

Purchase order year-end process (form)

Purchase posting (form)

Quantity discount (form)

Question – point distribution (form)

Question list (form)

Question media (form)

Question rows (form)

Question selection (form)

Question types (form)

Questionnaire (form)

Questionnaire parameters (form)

Questionnaire people (form)

Questionnaire schedules (Form)

Questionnaire statistics (form)

Questionnaire statistics graph (form)

Questionnaire statistics results (form)

Questionnaire types (form)

Questionnaires (form)

Quotation journal (form)

Reason codes (form) (Retail)

Receipt format (form)

Receipt profile (form)

Receipts list journal (form)

Released product details (form) (Retail)

Replenishment rules (form)

Result groups (form)

Result groups for answer (form)


Retail (form)

Retail assortments job (form)

Retail parameters (form)

Retail price groups (form)

Retail product hierarchy (form)

Retail scheduler parameters (form)

Retail shared parameters (form)

Retail Store Connect message tree (form)

Retail Store Connect messages (form)

Retail store connect profiles (form)

Retail store connect upload options (form)

Retail Transaction Service profile (form)

Return orders (form)

Revaluation for moving average (form)

Sales posting (form)

Sales price – hour (form)

Sales tax override group (form)

Sales tax overrides (form)

Scheduler job (form)

Scheduler log (form)

Scheduler subjobs (form)

Scheduling setup details (form)

Screen layout (form)

Sections (form)

Select product receipt – Purchase order (form)

Select sales order packing slip (form)

Service category (form)

Set up cancellation/renegotiation (form)

Shelf label printing (form)

Shelf label report setup (form)

Shelves (form)

Shipping specification (form)

Size group (form)

Staff (form)

Statements (form)

Stores (form)

Style group (form)

Subcontracting service details (form)

Supplemental retail hierarchies (form)

System administration for Retail

Table distribution (form)

Tender declaration transactions (form)

Timesheet favorites (form)

Transactions (form) (Retail)

Transfer price – hour (form)

Unposted timesheets (form)

Use alternative kanban rule (form)

Using the Retail site

Utilization hours (form)

Vendor invoice (form)

Vendor invoice journal (form)

Vendor sales price margin setup (form)

Vendor sales price point setup (form)

Worker (form)

Worker (form) (Retail)

Worker validation project assignments (form)

Worker/category validation groups (form)

Worker/project validation groups (form)

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Developer topics

The following topics have been published or updated on MSDN.

Best Practices for Microsoft Dynamics AX Development 

Best Practices for Microsoft Dynamics AX Development


Reports Best Practices


How to: Set a Form Control to be Country Specific

Reference Data Sources for Forms

Database for Microsoft Dynamics AX 

How to: Add Multiple Data Sources to a Query


How to: Use the Query Class to Read From a Valid Time State Table


Table Keys: Surrogate, Alternate, Replacement, Primary, and Foreign


Valid Time State Tables and Date Effective Data


Walkthrough: Creating an AOT Query that has Group By and Having Nodes

Debugging in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 

Debugger Shortcut Keys


Microsoft Dynamics AX Debugger

Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX 

Coding User Controls


Converting Enterprise Portal Content


Data Access Overview


Pages Overview


Troubleshooting: Enterprise Portal Development


Walkthrough: Adding a Field to a User Control


Walkthrough: Quickly Creating and Deploying a User Control

Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX /
 Coding User Controls

Calling Static X++ Methods


DateTime Helper


HTML Utilities


Modal Dialogs


Page Redirection




Retrieving the Current Company


Using Menu Items


Using the Infolog

Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX /
 Context in Enterprise Portal

Common Context Scenarios


Using Context from Code in Enterprise Portal

Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX /
 Converting Enterprise Portal Content

Conversion Procedure


Database Changes


Framework Changes


Page Changes


SharePoint Changes


User Control Changes

Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX /
 Data Access Overview

Configuring the Lookup for a Data Set Field


How to: Create Data Sets


Pack/Unpack for Data Sets


Table Inheritance

Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX /
 Enterprise Portal Appearance Overview

How to: Add Image Files to Enterprise Portal Pages

Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX /
 Enterprise Portal Development Overview

AxUpdatePortal Utility

Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX /
 Enterprise Portal Site Structure and Navigation

How to: Add Page-level Navigation


How to: Create Web Menu Items

Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX /
 Pages Overview

How to: Use Attachments on EP Pages


List Page Reference


Page Interaction Patterns


Report Page Reference


Task Page Reference

Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX /
 Security in Enterprise Portal

Security Resources for Enterprise Portal

Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX /
 User Controls Overview







Designing User Controls


How to: Debug User Controls


User Control Components

Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX /
 Web Parts Overview

Action Pane Web Part


How to: Connect User Controls with other User Controls


Quick Links Web Part

Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics AX /
 What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
 for Developers

What’s New: Analytics for Developers in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012


What’s New: AOS and Database for Developers in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012


What’s New: Client for Developers in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012


What’s New: Enterprise Portal for Developers in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012


What’s New: MorphX Tools for Developers in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012


What’s New: Services and AIF for Developers in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX 

How to: Call Business Logic Using .NET Business Connector


How to: Connect to Microsoft Dynamics AX Using the LogonAs Method


How to: Create Data Using .NET Business Connector


How to: Debug X++ Code Running in .NET Business Connector


How to: Delete Data Using .NET Business Connector


How to: Marshal Between X++ and CLR Primitive Types


How to: Read Data Using .NET Business Connector


How to: Update Data Using .NET Business Connector


Reflect on .NET Elements of X++ Methods


Walkthrough: Integrate an Application with Microsoft Dynamics AX Using .NET Business Connector

Microsoft Dynamics AX IDE 

Microsoft Dynamics AX IDE


Add-Ins Submenu


AOT Overview


Code Compiler


Colors Used in the Code Editor


Editor Scripts


How to: Create a MorphX Development Project


How to: Use the Project Filter


MorphX Concepts


Setting Development Options


Shortcut Menu Commands: AOT


Tracing with the Tools Menu


Walkthrough: Testing a Class Using the Unit Test Framework


Working with MorphX Development Projects


X++ Code Editor


How to: Set Up Local Version Control Parameters (Developer)

Microsoft Dynamics AX IDE /
 MorphX Development Tools

How to: Access Code Coverage Details


How to: Create a Test Case


How to: Create Set Up and Tear Down Logic for a Test Case


How to: Test Exceptions Using a Test Case


Reverse Engineering Tool Overview

Properties of AOT Elements 

Data Set Data Source Properties


Data Set Properties


Form Data Source Properties


Security Policies Properties


Table Relation Properties


Understanding the RelationshipType Enumeration


Web Menu Item Properties

Security for Microsoft Dynamics AX 

Security Policies in the AOT for Data Records


AOSAuthorization Property on Tables


Walkthrough: Design Permissions for a Form that is Started from a Menu Item

Visual Studio Integration 

Deploying Managed Code

X++ Language Programming Guide 

Classes as Data Types


Collection Classes in Microsoft Dynamics AX


How to: Use Reflection to Get Attribute Class Metadata


Local Functions


Method Access Control


Scope of Variables in Methods


Syntax for Attribute Classes


System Classes Overview


X++ Compiled to .NET CIL


X++ Scenarios that are Not Supported in CIL

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Topics on both TechNet and MSDN

The following topics have been published or updated on both TechNet and MSDN.


Technical reference for analytics

Analytics / Deployment of analytics

Grant users access to cubes

Analytics / Development Tasks for Analytics

How to: Create a Perspective for a Cube


How to: Deploy an Existing SQL Server Analysis Services Project


How to: Update an Existing SQL Server Analysis Services Project


Walkthrough: Customizing a Default Cube


Walkthrough: Defining KPIs for a Cube


Walkthrough: Displaying KPIs in a Role Center

Cube reference 

Accounts payable cube (VendCube)


Accounts receivable cube (CustCube)


Cube reference


Customer relationship management cube (smmCube)


Environmental sustainability cube (EMSCube)


Expense management cube (TrvCube)


General ledger cube (LedgerCube)


Production cube (ProdCube)


Project accounting cube (ProjCube)


Purchase cube (PurchCube)


Sales cube (SalesCube)


How to: Reference a Service from a Data Method


How to: Use a Data Method in an Expression


Report Upgrade


Troubleshooting Report Definition Issues


Walkthrough: Creating a Report Bound to Date Effective Data

Reporting / Developing Reports for
 Microsoft Dynamics AX in Visual Studio

How to: Add Reports to Microsoft Dynamics AX


How to: Add Validation to a Data Contract Class


How to: Apply a Layout or Style Template


How to: Bind a Dataset to a Data Method


How to: Create a Layout or Style Template


How to: Define a Data Method in C#


How to: Define a Data Method in Visual Basic


How to: Define a Nested Data Contract


How to: Define a Report Parameter


How to: Group and Order Report Parameters by Using Visual Studio


How to: Use a Query in a Report


Predefined Layout and Style Templates


Report Data Method Overview


Report Images Overview


Walkthrough: Creating a Report Bound to a Dimension Data Source


Walkthrough: Creating a Report Bound to a Report Data Provider Class (X++ Business Logic)


Walkthrough: Creating an Auto Design Report

Reporting / Troubleshoot reporting

Troubleshoot Report Deployment Issues

Resources for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 

Data Upgrade Best Practices

Services and Application Integration Framework (AIF) 

About Ax<Table> Classes


About Axd<Document> Classes


About Document Service Classes


About the AIF Pipeline and Transforms


About the Shared Types Schema


AIF Class Naming Conventions


AIF Document Services


AIF System Services


Configuring network load balancing for services


Consuming Microsoft Dynamics AX Services from an External Client


Creating New Document Services


Creating Query Service Test Data


Developing with Services and AIF


Document Class Service Operations


Document Schema Rules


Document Schemas


Document Services Classes


Document XML Generation


Example of Inbound XML Message


Example of Outbound XML Message


Example: Fault in an Outbound Message


Full Update With AIF


Guidelines for Adding Code to Document Service Classes


How to: Add a Service Operation to a Service


How to: Bypass Record Level Security in Outbound Documents


How to: Create a Service by Using the AIF Document Service Wizard


How to: Enable Checking for Duplicate Messages


How to: Generate a Document Schema


How to: Import a .NET Assembly Transform


How to: Import an XSLT Transform


Locating the WSDL for Services


Message Body


Message Header


Method Type Attribute


Partial Update With AIF


Query Criteria Overview


Record Level Security and Outbound Documents


Security in Axd<Document> and Ax<Table> Classes


Services and AIF security and protection


Updating Data With AIF


Walkthrough: Calling an External Web Service from X++


Walkthrough: Creating a .NET Assembly Transform


Walkthrough: Creating a Service by Using the AIF Document Service Wizard


Walkthrough: Deploying the Document Service in an Outbound Exchange


Walkthrough: Updating Data with AIF (Full Update)

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Report Catalog

The following report topics are now available.

Cash and bank management reports

Letter of credit application report (BankLCImportApplication)

Letter of credit details report (BankLCExportDetails)

General ledger reports

(BEL) Intervat summary tax declarations report (TaxReportIntervat)


(BEL) Other journals report (LedgerOtherJournalBE)


(BEL) Sales tax corrections report (TaxReportCorrectionBE)


(BEL) Sales tax transactions – details report (TaxTransDetail_BE)


(BEL) Sales tax transactions re sales report (TaxSalesLedger)


Accountant long-term solvency report (AccountantLongTermSolvency)


Accountant operational efficiency report (AccountantOperationalEfficiency)


Accountant profitability analysis report (AccountantProfitabilityAnalysis)


Accountant short-term solvency report (AccountantShortTermSolvency)


Accounting manager investment analysis report (AccountingManagerInvestmentAnalysis)


Accounting manager long-term solvency report (AccountingManagerLongTermSolvency)


Accounting manager operational efficiency report (AccountingManagerOperationalEfficiency)


Accounting manager profitability analysis report (AccountingManagerProfitabilityAnalysis)


Accounting manager short-term solvency report (AccountingManagerShortTermSolvency)


Chief financial officer investment analysis report (CFOInvestmentAnalysis)


Chief financial officer long-term solvency report (CFOLongTermSolvency)


Chief financial officer operational efficiency report (CFOOperationalEfficiency)


Chief financial officer profitability analysis report (CFOProfitabilityAnalysis)


Total accounts payable in the past periods chart report (LedgerTotalAcctsPayablePastXPeriod)


Total accounts receivable in the past periods chart report (LedgerTotalAcctReceivablesPastXPeriods)


Total expenses by period chart report (LedgerTotalExpensesByPeriod)


Total outstanding debt by period chart report (OustandingDebtByPeriod)


Transaction origin report (LedgerTransBase)

Organization administration reports

(BEL) PRODCOM report (ProdCom_BE)

Public sector reports

(FRA) Bordereau de mandat report (Public sector) (VendRoutingSlipReport_PSN)


(FRA) Bordereau de titre report (Public sector) (CustRoutingSlipReport_PSN)


(FRA) Mandat de paiement report (Public sector) (VendDirective_PSN)


(FRA) Titre de recette report (Public sector) (CustDirective_PSN)

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