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Issue description:

The customer adds the TAX information in the receipt footer, but the information is not printed on the receipt.

The issue has been identified to be a problem with the Seed data that is inserted when running the HQ/Setup/Parameter/Initialize

In the POSISFormlayout we have a FooterXML field for each report, which consist of a long string like.




The POSISFormlayout data is being inserted through the DRMSeedDataGenerator that calls AOT/RESSOURCES/RBO_Footer_1_txt


The workaround is export the R1 demo data from POSISFormlayout table and field FooterXML

Then export the resource from your R2/R2 Refresh and replace the string from the R1 data and import it back.

After that you can run the Retail HQ/Setup/parameters/initialize


The result is that the footer lines with the tax is printed


Corrected file added that can be added to the AOT/Ressources


Author: Kim Truelsen

Blog date: 9-2-2012



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